Miles Guo States, “CCP has Obtained a Large Amount of U.S. Military Equipment from the Taliban.”


Translated by: MOS Fitness — Lightyear

Today, when Miles Guo talked about the Afghan issue in the live broadcast, he said that the CCP’s control of Afghanistan through the Taliban was the CCP’s most brutal blow in recent years. Afghanistan is the best strategic location in Central and South Asia. The United States spent 10 trillion U.S. dollars in Afghanistan, controlled Afghanistan for 20 years, and effectively deterred terrorists during that time. However, the CCP completely gained control in Afghanistan at almost zero cost overnight. In addition, the CCP has obtained a large amount of U.S. military equipment, including aircrafts and tanks. The basement of the Dahezi base in Xinjiang is all equipped with U.S. military vehicles, aircrafts, and other equipment. From this, we can tell that the Taliban is fully cooperating with the CCP, and they are willing to give the CCP whatever they want.

photo from middleeasteye

The big vent between Afghanistan and Xinjiang is the only way to transport these pieces of U.S. military equipment. For the CCP, the U.S. military equipment obtained from the Taliban is the sum of the past three decades. The Afghan issue has caused the Taliban and the CCP to deeply impact the Shiites and Sunnis in the Middle East. The Taliban issue in Afghanistan, as part of the CCP’s global domination plan, has a profound impact on the world structure. Miles Guo’s revelations will awaken more people to see the essence of the CCP, and completely strangle the CCP’s evil plan.


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