Money, Power, and Sex under the CCP’s Art Trade


Translated by: MOS Education Team ​​– Xiaojiucaia

Mr. Guo revealed that the art trading market is a platform of no cost internally for the CCP’s power for money deal and externally for BGYing (Blue Gold Yellow) politicians from various countries. The top celebrities in Hong Kong’s auction houses, Cheng Shoukang and Qiu Guoshi, have inside stories about the corruption of the CCP that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection absolutely dare not touch. The auction houses controlled by the CCP–Sotheby’s, Christie’s, etc., are backed by the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army. A genius of imitation painting in Shanghai, Mr. Qian Peishen, is good at imitating the paintings of various famous artists, and his skills have reached high perfection -—even the original author can hardly tell the authenticity. His works were purchased at a price of $5,000 per piece, but they can be sold at auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s under the control of the CCP for a genuine price of $80 million; They can also be used as mortgages to cash out thousands of times of its actual price by “White Gloves” and “Green Gloves” –Minsheng, Ping An, Alibaba, and other institutions. However, the poor old Mr. Qian, who still lives in a tiny house somewhere in Shanghai, does not know at all that one painting from him is labeled at a price that shocks the world. These paintings were used as low-cost, risk-free bribery methods and sent to Western politicians and capital predators in exchange for huge profits for the CCP.

Mr. Wengui said that the CCP’s art trading market is an absolute platform for intelligence trading, power, money and sex trading, and money laundering. And like Qian Peishen, countless artists with superb skills have become surrogates for the “Golden Eggs of Art” of the CCP. Their talents were buried, and they were used by the CCP as a tool to extract huge profits. This is the sorrow of our nation. In tomorrow’s live broadcast, Mr. Guo will continue to reveal the conspiracy behind the CCP’s art trade.


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