More Proof That the Communist Regime Delayed the Disclosure of the CCP Virus From the Wuhan Laboratory


September 5th, 2021

Ian Lipkin (pictured), a professor at Columbia University, admits he first heard about the Covid outbreak in Wuhan more than two weeks before it was disclosed to global health bodies. Source: Internet

In a story from The Mail Online on Sept 4th, 2021, it stated that Mr. Ian Lipkin, a well renowned Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, said that he knew of the Covid-19 virus at least two weeks before the Chinese Government released any information to the global health organizations. This unforgivable and deliberate delay and the cover-up of the human transmission has had terrible consequences through-out the world.

Professor Lipkin added “China needs to stop putting up barriers to ensure the world can understand what happened and learn all the necessary lessons to prevent future pandemics.”

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