Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV live broadcast on September 3, 2021


Theme: Ma Mingzhe of Ping An Group, Lufax, Beijing Stock Exchange

1. People with conscience have received rave reviews for David’s encounters and experiences. Many public prosecutors in the wall can see a shadow similar to David;

2. The people of the People’s Republic of China on the past understanding of the virus and vaccines and their expectations for the future do not please anyone, and are only responsible for themselves. They only spread the truth unbrokenly and have a huge impact.

3. Many viewers in the Gtv wall are connected via VPN, and no accurate data can be seen. A series of huge changes in the language used by various media, drug management policies, and drug prices after the broadcast show that the GTV live broadcast has a huge impact.

4. Today’s topic will involve the real estate and financial fields in mainland China, and the relationship between the new land and the top 20 will be divided into the new rich;

5. The original initiator of the establishment, purpose and significance of the Beijing Stock Exchange was Miles Guo and Li Aiqing organized the preparations. The matter of peace is by no means simple, it is very big.

6. Gossip about Ma Mingzhe and CCP’s economic core area

Ping An Group has several large and mysterious shareholders, currently mainly hiding in New Zealand. Ma Mingzhe started in Guangdong. He was a driver and has been in Guangdong for decades, including the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai relationship network and a benchmark figure in geopolitics. The headquarters was finally determined to be in Lujiazui, Shanghai. The leaders of the Communist Party and the media gave him face. Liu Chuanzhi, Shi Yuzhu, Dong Wenbiao, Lu Zhiqiang and Taishan Group and Taishan Club from Uttar Pradesh also settled in Shanghai.

7. CCP economic core and hidden power center in Shanghai

When Wang Qishan went to Shanghai, he called it Bai Dock and Bai Da Dock. On the cabinet of his residence are all photos taken with Jiang Zemin, and only one with Zhu Rongji. Zhu Rongji is the person he admires most, and in his heart is the complete Jiang family.

8. Ma Mingzhe originated from Ping An Insurance

With less than one million new insurance purchases every month, the company can’t make it through. Controls banks, insurance, securities, investment banks, Lufax, HSBC’s major shareholders, many banks in the world have equity participation, and owns more than 70,000 financial products, involving Wen Jiabao’s family, Che Feng family, Jiang Zemin family, Zhu Rongji family, Li Changchun family, Zhang Gaoli family, Huang Huahua family. The changes in shareholders of the entire Ping An Group have almost traversed the entire process of the reform and opening up of the Communist Party of China, and all Guangdong officials have not participated. (1) There are friends in Top dignitary; (2) 1 million new insurances are received every month; (3) Lufax is playing with the investment funds of the world’s mid-to-high-end wealthy families.

9. Breaking the news on the road to extinction

It was revealed that regardless of family affection, relationship, old and young, old and new, Mr. Guo’s family had a business with Ping An Bank in the past, borrowing 1.5 billion yuan and returning 3.5 billion yuan, with a good attitude and no difficulties. Whistleblower Movement on the road to the revolution, Whistleblower Movement and killing no amnesty, Ma Mingzhe, the blue golden and yellow master of the Communist Party of China, modern Heshen role. All the means of playing the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the China Banking Regulatory Commission are bought with money. The data on Ping An Group from Baidu and Google are all false.

10. Ma Mingzhe’s life is the life of the Communist Party’s “reform and opening up”

In Wang Qishan’s words, Ma Mingzhe and Liu Chuanzhi are the people most in need of understanding since China’s reform and opening up. Not ordinary people. There are no more than five people who can directly reach Wang Qishan, Zhou Liang, Li Yifei, Xiang Junbo, etc. Ma Mingzhe counts as one. Ma Mingzhe’s life is a life of reform and opening up, the separation and merger of the three committees of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. There is no distinction between the Shanghai Gang, the Guangdong Gang, and the Northern Gang. As long as the rich and official, he can personally decide who has the money. A look can make you a billionaire or a billionaire.

11. The safety data seen on the data network is all fake

(1) Assets plus deposits have exceeded RMB 22 trillion (announced data is RMB 9.5278 trillion);

(2) The announced assets are not true and have no practical meaning;

(3) The stock price has been relatively stable from RMB 20 to RMB 40 at present;

(4) Who can become Ping An’s largest shareholder and the game Ma Mingzhe has been playing for 30 years is also the biggest temptation that the Communist Party has always been expected in the officialdom.

12. Xiao Jianhua finally died in the actions of Ping An’s largest shareholder

Xiao Jianhua became the largest shareholder of Ping An Group through the 20 billion fundraising of Thailand’s Chia Tai Group, and also became Xiao Jianhua’s death knell. It robbed the standing committee of the Communist Party of China as a major shareholder, and the outcome was tragic. Ye Jia has the heart to enter the Ping An Group, and has been played by Ma Mingzhe for decades. He has a clean face, is reasonable, legal, rules, and image are blocked.

13. Ma Mingzhe can be regarded as the best portrayal of modern Hu Xueyan

During the Three Ma, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Ma Mingzhe, and modern Hu Xueyan were none other than Ma Mingzhe, the most powerful people in the reform and opening up. The first two Ma together cannot match the latter one. Ma Mingzhe’s negative information is rare, and he has played well with the officialdom, media, politics, economy and market, from Shekou, Shenzhen to the Shanghai headquarters. At the same time, he also controls the relationship between the official circles of the world, investing in the earliest Changlin Fund, Morgan Stanley, Macquarie Bank, BNG, Bridgewater Fund, Temasek Singapore, involving insurance, securities, banking, financial products, and real estate industries.

14. As long as you understand Ping An, you can understand decades of real estate

Ping An understands all the rules of the game in China’s real estate industry. For decades, there have only been real estates invested by Ping An, and none of them are not entirely dependent on bank financing. All investments are based on official relationships. Official data: 3.7 trillion yuan in real estate investment, about 600 billion U.S. dollars, and actual loans of 5 trillion yuan, or 800 billion U.S. dollars. Don’t say that the Communist Party’s financial market is 800 billion US dollars in one person’s hands, even 500 billion US dollars can paralyze the entire market.

15. The real estate market value of the CCP is more than twice the sum of the ultra-developed countries of US$90 trillion

The total value of all real estate in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Britain is approximately US$80 trillion, including the value of land. The proportions of GDP output value in each country were: 1.6% in the United States, 2.0% in Japan, 3.5% in the United Kingdom, 3.5% in France, and 3.0% in Germany; when the American Fannie Mae had an accident, American real estate accounted for 1.6% of the total GDP. The real estate value of the Chinese Communist Party (excluding land, homesteads, and ancestral houses) is between US$90 trillion and US$95 trillion, which is 500% of the real GDP (officially recognized 400%). When the real estate in Japan collapsed, the market value of real estate accounted for 300% of GDP. The real estate market value of the Communist Party of China (including ancestral homes and valued properties of US$150 trillion) has more than doubled the total market value of real estate in developed countries. The source of CCP funds (1) comes from insurance companies at most; (2) trust funds; (3) financial instruments;

16. Ma Mingzhe is not a member of the Standing Committee

It is not an exaggeration that Ping An’s data is all fake and will make all the media disappear. Goldman Sachs in the United States can determine the economic destiny of the American people. Ping An is similar to Goldman Sachs in the United States, and Goldman Sachs in the Chinese Communist Party is Ping An Group.

17. Lufax successfully listed ahead of Ant Financial

Lufax successfully went public in the first two and a half weeks of Ant Financial, raised 35 billion US dollars, and the actual market value would exceed 200 billion US dollars. The two largest shareholders (1) 42.3% are self-owned; (2) 43-44% is held by Two Kings (held in the name of employee incentive equity); the total holding is close to 87%, and about 400-500 million shares are on hold for distribution. All are transparent. Shrinking assets worth $200 billion with a market value of $35 billion connects the forces of the swamp, and now shares the benefits with the political forces of the future. Mr. Guo’s family fund has participated in Lufax’s fundraising and has complete Lufax’s fundraising documents.

18. Ping An Group’s investment in China Fortune Real Estate was missed

Also participated in the mergers and acquisitions of HSBC Holdings and Founder. Located in Xiong’an New District, Hebei, the investment in China Fortune Real Estate failed and was investigated. The real estate projects of Pan Shiyi and Ren Zhiqiang were all supported by Ma Mingzhe. Ma Mingzhe expected Zhou Liang to save him. After seeing Dong Hong and Ren Zhiqiang being arrested, he would be completely trapped.

19. The purpose of Ma Mingzhe’s acquisition of Founder of Peking University

Founder of Peking University has 360 billion assets and was acquired and reorganized by Ma Mingzhe 60 billion. The reasons are as follows:

(1) Founder has the electronic source code, which can obtain securities bank big data information;

(2) Founder owns 10,000 mu of licensed land and can re-evaluate the inflated value to make a fuss;

(3) Founder medical supporting resources, the whole chain of human survival (for the purpose of maternity, growth, education, medical care, old-age funerals);

(4) The relationship between political and economic personnel training;

Economic purpose: (1) The actual value of RMB 2.5 trillion is waiting to be redistributed. Reorganization and acquisition make wealth change from dominant to invisible, while redistribution is completed, and after the redistribution is completed, the assets are again explicitly converted to obtain illegal wealth legally and compliantly, and the process of whitewashing is completed. (2) Founder medical resources are the hens who lay the golden eggs. Peking University’s medical capabilities, resources, equipment, doctors, artificial pregnancy, pregnancy examination, growth, organ transplantation, elderly care, and funerals are fully covered; (3) Doctors and nurses monopolize the industry.

Political purpose: (1) Wang Qishan used the opportunity of assisting Xi Jinping to kill Founder. (2) Xi Jinping has 100% tasted the sweetness. On the surface, he is profiting for Xi, but he is actually digging holes. (3) Wang Qishan is the modern Li Si and Zhao Gao; Xi Jinping is the modern Hu Hai. In the name of the implementation of the state’s order, to achieve the purpose of private use of their own public equipment. (4) The best means and tools for blending with the Standing Committee members.

20. Reassessment of the inflated value of the land to fill the black hole

Founder’s 10,000 mu of land, complete procedures. The reassessment will reach several trillion yuan, which can fill the black hole of the insurance company’s shortfall with the new assessment. At the same time, the construction of the insurance ecological chain, insuring people, medical insurance hospitals, and funeral purposes, the focus is on medical pensions. (1) All real estate comes from financial loopholes; (2) The medical chain straightens out the insurance burden; (3) The vice president and head of the Chinese Department of Peking University is the daughter of Xi, who has taken the next generation of Xi; (4) Han Zheng tried to protect Fangzheng, in fact His layout is far-reaching. What he likes is Founder’s educational resources, a huge sector, and a key source of future talents.

21. Ma Mingzhe is a big player of the Chinese Communist Party

From south to north, from life to death, from economics to politics, the whole journey is involved. Ma Yun is a clown, Ma Mingzhe is a big brother;

22. China Fortune is the money laundering tool of the Zeng Qinghong family

The largest real estate project in Xiong’an New District of Hebei is China Fortune Land Development. 40% of the land is under its name and mortgaged three to four times. The amount of funds to be taken away absolutely exceeds US$1 to 2 trillion. Hebei Province is Zeng Qinghong’s sphere of influence. , The security director is the next person selected by the minister of national security, known as the “King of Langfang”, and all the officials under the security agency are shareholders of China Fortune Land Development. The Zeng family members have already transferred their money abroad, most of them in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. They definitely do not go to the United States. The Zeng family’s assets generally do not go to the United States. The personnel investigating the case had to die for the real investigation, or for the fake investigation, and they had to leave to escape. Anyone who has not escaped will die dead, or caught.

23. Ma Mingzhe died a hundred times without explaining Zeng’s problem

Ma Mingzhe believes that only Zeng Qinghong will be able to control power in a stable and safe manner in the future. Meng Jianzhu once borrowed 5 billion from Ma Mingzhe, which was distributed in ten installments, with the purpose of avoiding the review level and reporting frequency. After completion, he arranged bankruptcy one by one, and the ants moved to wash away all the funds. Wu Zheng also obtained a 500 million yuan loan from Ma Mingzhe in the name of Meng Jianzhu.

24. Ma Mingzhe’s Lu Jin shares only 1.2% of Xi

Ma Mingzhe has many methods for handling accounts, including financial papers. Founder and Lufax have completely decoupled from China and the United States, 80% of the equity is still in his hands, and with Xi Jinping’s hand, Lufax has arranged for Lufax to be listed first, and also killed Ant Financial, absolutely with Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping. relation. Only give Xi 1.2% of the shares.

25. The real shareholder behind Southern Pharmaceutical is Ma Mingzhe

Ma Mingzhe, who is a long-sleeved dancer, has many shares held on his behalf. The main shareholder of Nanfang Pharmaceutical, the main manufacturer of Artemisinin, is Ma Mingzhe. The Wang Qishan family is the largest shareholder, and the Zhu Rongji family also participates. Medical care, Sinopharm, and Kexing Technology are all within the sphere of influence of the thief family. All the dark forces in the CCP are these families.

26. The Chinese Communist Party has been completely divided

The real estate of the Communist Party of China is worse than the real estate of the Communist Party. The finance of the Communist Party of China is worse than the finance of the Communist Party. The future medical care and wealth of the Communist Party of China are worse than the wealth of Wang Qishan.

27. Evaluation of Hu Jintao after his visit to Russia

The country of Russia has been divided by several oligarchs. Putin’s future success must be to destroy the entire oligarchic structure and give the people a way to survive. China is definitely over, and the Jiang family may divide China.

28. The Jiang family made this possibility a reality.

The CCP has been divided up by people like Jiang family, Wang Qishan, and Ma Mingzhe. China Merchants Bank is one of the eight largest banks in real estate loans, and Wu Xiaohui’s insurance company eventually got them. The local tyrants were divided into fields, all local tyrants were beaten, and several super local tyrant families were made.

29. The price of real estate in Hong Kong has not fallen

The prices of real estate in some parts of the mainland have not dropped. The Communist Party is immortal. Their real estate prices and financial markets can be controlled. Don’t underestimate the CCP’s ability to control the one-party dictatorship. Xi believes that it can control the situation.

30. The Democratic Party of the United States and the more than 300 bigwigs on Wall Street still fantasize about using the CCP to support the U.S. economy, which one day will fall; various other people have made contributions and even sued the former U.S. President, including criminal prosecutions, to ensure that Trump will not be allowed Come back to politics. These people are blending with Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping.

31. Japan’s ultimate power must be in the hands of the Koizumi family

Changes in Japanese politics will return to the Koizumi family sooner or later.

32. Miles Guo has his own principles in doing things. He never asks for help, never stretches out his hand, and is strong when he has no desires.

33. The Middle Easterners are eager for quick success and quick gains and are not welcome

After the Afghan incident, the United States showed weakness. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, and Syria have cultural problems, and they are eager for quick success. The Communist Party took advantage of the opportunity of uniting the Middle East countries to control 80 to 90% of the world’s energy, the renminbi was internationalized, and the US dollar was weakened. 70 to 80 countries may stand with CCP, the virus has passed, Hong Kong has been occupied, Taiwan has become a bag, Russia has also supported the CCP, and Africa has surrendered. CCP feels an unprecedented opportunity. The relationship between countries is economic strength.

34. Why did Beijing set up the Beijing Stock Exchange?

In 2001, after the WTO and the Beijing Olympics started, Mr. Guo participated in the planning and design of the Beijing Stock Exchange plan. The plan was rejected by Jiang Zemin and Jiang Zemin preferred Shanghai. After Hu Jintao came up, he found more than 20 companies to launch again in Beijing, and was vetoed by Zeng Qinghong again. Beijing Securities is not Beijing’s stock exchange, a place for real political transactions. The initiator is Li Aiqing of the Beijing Bureau, who has now been arrested.

The significance of the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange: the RMB and political and economic internationalization of the Chinese Communist Party, the internationalization of all Chinese securities, and the blue and golden yellow United States.

35. Jiang, Jiang’s son, and Han Zheng internally said that it was their own original creation (actual: plagiarizing Mr. Guo’s plan)

The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Futures Index, the design of the large screen are all taken from the original ideas of Miles Guo. The Shanghai Stock Futures Index surpassed the world record in less than a month after being listed, and the amount of gambling funds reached hundreds of billions in a day, and later reached several trillions of transactions. China’s economy is too large. Someone in officialdom reminded Mr. Guo never to bring up this matter. The term index is the world’s most powerful money laundering and money laundering tool that can transfer money around the world.

36. The concepts of “reform and opening up” and “allowing some to get rich first” first came from Xi Zhongxun

The Xi family has always been brooding about this.

37. If you don’t understand futures, you don’t understand China’s finance.

If you don’t understand China’s shadow banking or China’s financial paper, you will never understand China’s finance at all. Ma Huateng and Ma Mingzhe have played it many times.

38. The Beijing Stock Exchange must turn all Chinese interests into internationalization

There is no relationship with the Chinese at all, and it is recognized internationally. It is exchanged between the two currencies of the country and used each other, far away from the US dollar. The improper handling by the United States in Afghanistan, including Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and East Asian countries, has offended most of the people, panicked, and followed the CCP. Don’t overestimate the greatness of the United States. Never underestimate America’s determination to betray you, and never overestimate America’s greatness.

39. Thought-provoking: The United States will not hesitate to betray others

The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan is the most beautiful card played by CCP. The United States has spent 20 years, 10 trillion U.S. dollars, in the best strategic zone in Central Asia, and effectively restrained terrorists. Being completely controlled by CCP overnight, almost zero cost. The Big Myrobalan base in Xinjiang is full of U.S. Hummer vehicles, various aircraft, and light weapons. The U.S. military knows what the Communist Party wants from the Taliban. The Communist Party has acquired more US military equipment in Afghanistan than in the past 30 years.

40. All Islamic Sunni and Shiites in the Middle East were taken by CCP

The Taliban matters have had a great impact, and the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Turkey all dance with the CCP. Turkey urges the Communist Party to establish a world currency, Russia and even the United Kingdom will give full support, and some people in Japan also send news to support it. Encourage CCP to establish the Beijing Stock Exchange.

41. Announcement to the world, but not to the Chinese

It is claimed that the 30-year reform and opening up will further open up vigorously, and it will not give you or me to the outside world, and it has nothing to do with the people of the country. Financial liberalization China’s finance, currency, politics, and dictatorship have completely begun. The challenge is the US dollar and the United States. Western economies are about to collapse. Xi suddenly knocked down the US pension fund of 560 billion US dollars, which is still increasing every day, and Europe has also lost hundreds of billions of dollars.

42. The Beijing Stock Exchange will connect all the most disliked heads and brains in the West

After the paper renminbi is exchanged for the new version, there will be large-denomination renminbi banknotes. CCP’s external exports and the exchange of RMB with international currencies will create financial exchanges.

43. CCP is not crazy, the United States does not bleed, and there will never be a counterattack

The United States does not feel threatened or hurt, and will never act on its own. If the CCP’s actions were not based on the premise of harming the United States, it would be difficult to do anything. More than 300 Wall Street bigwigs still hope that CCP will help the market, and when they finally find out that they will be killed by CCP, it is the main dish. Miles Guo was very happy, so he took it out, talked about it, and shared it.

44. Designed all the illusions of the Beijing Stock Exchange at that time

It is hoped that through Hu Jintao, sharing the benefits with the West is the best opportunity. Even if you can abide by the rules, accepting the rules of Western democracy is also the best opportunity. Now the Communist Party has the greatest ambition to destroy the United States. Xi’s plan is completely evil. It does not play with the United States and the West, but joins forces with the Middle East and Russia to destroy the U.S. dollar. Originally used to eradicate evil, it was used to eradicate justice. There must be a duel-style battle.

45. Behind the index is an intelligence contest

The futures index is the confidence index, which has a direct relationship with the trading volume of politicians and bulk commodities. With food, oil, and political intelligence, the people just follow suit. Behind the futures index is the contest of intelligence, controlling energy, gambling with the bank, and grasping it according to one’s own advantages. Ping An is the first private enterprise to join the Shanghai Futures Index.

46. ​​David sits steadfastly

A group of people engage in David, wave after wave, who is finished. David still sat steadfastly. Don’t be naive and fantasizing. Leaving the Whistleblower movement and leaving the New Federal State of China is nothing.

47. Past behavior does not mean the present

Past behavior does not represent your current position of extermination of CCP. Miles Guo relies on intelligence information to make judgments, and never draws conclusions by guessing.

48. Xiong’an’s China Fortune Land Development was the first domino that led to the fall of Ping An

Xiong’an New District is a project where Xi completely went bankrupt, leaving behind a series of problems.

(1) Xi can’t stand up for the Xiong’an project in China, can he go to the United States?

(2) After many years at the mercy of Wang Qishan, can the Communist Party of China become China into the world’s largest country?

(3) Lufax’s listing has not been discovered, Three Ma is fighting to death, Xi is used to kill Ant Financial, can it be used again by 300 Wall Street bigwigs?

(4) Can the closed-door country be managed as an international version?

(5) Can international finance survive the debts of Germany, Italy, Britain and the United States? The opening day of the Beijing Stock Exchange is the time of destruction, which is no different from Xiong’an.

(6) All poor countries are extremely greedy. It is not too small to take away a trillion dollars. The economy will fall, and Chinese citizens will become slaves to others.

49 The reason why Qin Gang became angry from shame

Qin Gang came to the United States with only one mission, to blend with the United States and the West to help solve the virus and vaccine problems. The exposure of antidote such as Artemisinin, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and zinc, made them unable to bear it. Annoyed into anger. The five antidotees in their hands, such as Artemisinin, N-NAB, and D-NAB interferon, are of no value.

50. The New Federal State of China is definitely not that simple

The M15 and M16 agencies of the British government have the right to act on acts that are harmful to the British country. Follow the bad guys in the Chinese Embassy for a long time to destroy the Communist Party by law. The family of the attacked comrades has been granted political asylum.

51. The CCP embassy in Japan defrauded the client and was arrested by the Japanese police;

52. Artemisinin is the core substance of all antidote

For all the antidote in the future, Artemisinin is the main core ingredient and the best antidote for the CCP virus. It will save the world and mankind, but there will still be a death rate of 5-10%. Core tips: (1) Hanging around is equal to death; (2) Artemisinin is highly resistant to repetitive infections. (3) For vaccination, the first injection is used, and the second and third injections are useless.

53. The influence of the antidote issued by the New Federal State of China is enormous, far exceeding the achievements of the CCP in any aspect; Miles Guo’s credit is the only foundation and foundation of trust with the West. New Federal State of China credit is rising every day, and CCP is running wild on the road to death;

54. The West only believes in capital and strength

The G series, HiCoin, GTV, Gettr, Hi Fed, and the G series are also the totems of the New Federal State of China.

55. The cultural celebrities supported by the Zeng family were not hit by the cultural movement

Sun Honglei is a betrayer of Zhao Benshan, a celebrity supported by the Zeng family, and has not been hit. Behind “The Name of the People” is the power of the Zeng family. The Zeng family care star has no sense of shame, and the Wang Qishan family’s attitude towards sex is like drinking water.

56. Ai Weiwei, Art Waste Cultural Man

Chinese people do not have an independent artist in the world, and they are different things from cultural people. According to the internal understanding of the Ministry of Security, pigs and dogs are not as good. After being controlled, there will be only sad results. Born with a bad smell, there will be a bad smell everywhere. Chinese women are great, never equal to CCP. Ai Weiwei insults Chinese women as rubbish, not even as prostitutes. His favorite woman is younger than 10 years old, and he thinks the most flavorful woman is older than 70 years old. The Chinese people were fooled, represented, and lost their judgment. This is the greatest sorrow of their lives. Ai Weiwei scolds Xi, but worships Wang Zhen, Chen Yun, and Wang Qishan, Whistleblower movement that the revolution is a slave in his eyes. If the Chinese take him as a representative, after the fall of CCP, the Chinese will not become a normal person.

57. The prayer is increased by nine seconds to pray for Tu Youyou’s great contribution to the world;

58. A nation without faith and judgment is always the wind and the rain.

59. There is no gossip about the revolution, but it is purposeful and planned. Xi make arrangements in 2020, and will frequently attack the whistleblower movement. We can only fight back when they strike, and when the enemy stands in the middle of the stage and punches, we have a chance to win. Now moves frequently. There were no stories to tell last year, and now there are too many stories to tell.

60. Heaven and hell between thoughts

I believe why the distance between the moon and us remains the same. The unknown heavenly power is the master of mankind. The same human behavior also affects the heaven and the division of heaven and hell between thoughts. Don’t try to be too fast for a while, lose only the truth, lose the judgment and discrimination, lose the pursuit and belief. Human beings only live for 3,600 days, and they must live out their beliefs because God is watching us.

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