Mr. Miles Guo’s video sharing on September 9th, 2021


1. The big live broadcast tomorrow (New York time) will have important news from Taiwan;

2. Continue to talk about the detailed story of the black swan falling from the sky;

3. Details of the fact that Evergrande Real Estate is no longer Evergrande;

4. Western financial circles are studying why Mr. Miles Guo’s judgments are always accurate and advanced;

5. The continuous live broadcast really shocked the world and the Chinese Communist Party;

6. Why did the wealth and people of the Jiang family and Zhu family come to the United States and Europe to buy a lot of real estate and real estate, no one investigates and no one seizes them; the Zeng family wealth never goes to the United States, Europe, only Australia, Japan, New Zealand. what is the reason?

7. Courage, vision, and judgment are the most important abilities

Miles Guo provide clues, and the answers will slowly be brought to everyone. The best answers come from themselves, not from being told. After the influence of the whistleblower movement, the comrades-in-arms have the ability to analyze themselves. Everyone is open-minded and has his own. Correct conclusion.

8. A federation is a federation of groups

The New Federal State of China is not a federation of Mr. Guo alone, and nothing is of any significance to Mr. Guo himself.

9. The information revealed by the whistleblower movement has always been verified by time

The state of the domestic economy has caused a huge shock to various domestic political gangs. They didn’t believe it in the past. Now the information revealed by the breaking news is happening, and it has been continuously verified by time.

10. The dark forces have completely controlled China

Someone asked to what extent did the dark forces control China? The answer is: the dark forces have absolutely controlled everything in CCP. Since they can control everything in CCP, they can control the whole of China.

11. The thieves who controlled the country without the dark forces in the West have long since died ten thousand times

Wang Qishan, Chen Feng, Han Zheng, the newly arrested deputy governors of the People’s Bank of China Cai Esheng, Fan Yifei (former President of the Bank of Shanghai, now President of the People’s Bank of China), Zhou Xiaochuan, Guo Shuqing, which one does not have the support of the international dark forces, there is no such thing Organizational strength, they have died ten thousand times long ago. They are rich, powerful, and wealthy, and their children are studying in the West. The West randomly finds a media outlet, makes a look, throws a manuscript, and breaks the news of any crime, and they are finished in minutes. The world’s media are in the hands of five major families, no more than five families.

12. Many of the Communist Party’s corruption cases abroad have not been exposed, and they have been protected by certain forces.

The chairman of the AMF International Monetary Organization (French) has just been arrested for sexually harassing waiters, but the Communist Party has more than 20 cases of drug abuse, corruption, and money laundering in the hands of a policeman in a certain country and place, and they have been put on hold by some force. Come down.

13. Not all bad people in the Illuminati, there are many friends who cannot be enemies with the Illuminati. Related matters are described by an international dark organization, and the original name is no longer used.

14. The scariest thing in the world is ignorance

The most cherished thing is courage. The most expensive thing is not diamonds or calligraphy and painting. Courage is the most important thing in life in the future. Justice, selflessness, and selflessness build the foundation of courage, and courage is the brand of selflessness and selflessness. Ignorance is the beginning of all disasters and the first step in life into hell.

15. Let everyone work together to open up wisdom and eyesight

Open the ignorance step of life to hell, and turn to the road to a future paradise of selflessness, selflessness, justice, and wisdom.

16. Predictive and planned measures are the key to success

To join some high-end clubs in Japan, you need to have basic conditions, such as nationality and name. Under the circumstances at that time, the Japanese name Morimoto was needed, and Guo Haoyun was not used. It is also the result of a multi-year plan.

17. The disaster of Lude is the road to hell he built for himself, and the American law is his path to hell.

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