My Horror After Delivery My Second Daughter Abroad

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: peacelv

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No matter how many children a couple likes, it’s not up them to decide at all in CCP China, even you live abroad with Chinese passport. I didn’t like to recall the nightmare experience I was trying to register my baby girl as Chinese in Chinese embassy abroad.

My daughter is a cocktail of Chinese and British. When we happily got her, I never expected the happiness she brought me was nearly totally diminished by the tedious procedure to register as Chinese, as I was so proud of my hometown 20 years ago and wanted my daughter to be one of citizen as well.

When I went to register her, the Chinese embassy told me that they couldn’t register her as I didn’t have the permit to have her from the first place. And the permit must go to be applied before conceiving. I explained my situation as international marriage, such policy wouldn’t apply to me. To reach this stage, I have been to the embassy numerous times. Every time I called they put down my phone, every time I went there, they told me later. I had to obtain one official paper from the UN office in concerned country regarding the Chinese citizenship to speed up the procedure as it has been 6 months, without an official passport I couldn’t take my daughter out to meet my husband in UK, nor going back China to meet my family. The UN office provided me an extract from the Chinese Constitution:

Any child born to a Chinese, either mother or father, is deemed to be Chinese Citizen.

Since I submitted the UN document, the only answer from consulate office of the Chinese Embassy was: we are still discussing about it. They never gave me the exact time to expect, nor they cared to give the Chinese citizenship to my daughter at all. Imagine if she was born into a Chinese couple, what they could do? The Chinese government was not meant to service its people but to control them by all means, making your life miserable is one of the very effective tactic.

In the end I couldn’t wait any longer, so applied her the British citizenship. The British consulate officer told me what document needed and once I handed them over, I was told to wait about couple of months for the Home Ministry Approval. I didn’t have further contact until I got the email information that the document for citizenship was ready for collection and I only need to bring one photo of my daughter for her passport.

CCP brainwashed its people to love the Party since the Party is the mother of China. how ridiculous China has a history of over five thousand years and the 70 years history Chinese Communist Party claimed to be the mother of this land and forced you to love this party, which has been proved 100 times worse than Nazi. Yet the governments of the freedom western countries never told me have to love it, instead of it asked if I was satisfied with their service and apologized for the longer waiting. My instinct told me where my love goes.