Negotiations About Equity Between Trump And Gettr Are Ongoing


Translated by: Lakers

According to an AXIOS scoop reported on August 31, President Trump has not yet joined any social media platforms, however, conversations are ongoing with Gettr and the discussions even include Gettr equity. It is apparent that President Trump is actively operating to return to the Internet. Currently, Gettr has over two million users, has a considerable number of non-U.S. users that includes a growing cohort in Brazil. Gettr CEO Jason Miller has previously said that Gettr will not share or sell any user data. Gettr will build out a financial services platform, as well as Gettr Pay, and it will monetize via tips to creators. This new social media pattern is bound to attract more users to join, and more significantly, Gettr has no censorship of speech and is a platform for spreading the truth.  Currently, with the global suppression of the truth about viruses and vaccines, Gettr highlights her unparalleled value and marketing prospects.


Posted by: Malaca

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