Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


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“Never give up, never surrender” is a popular phrase which is repeated by American people over and over again and become a life foregoing logic. This phrase is a line from Galaxy Quest — a wildly popular science-fiction movie made in 1999 — and it inspires American people generation by generation.

Why do American people love this phrase so much? I believe the reason is that they can always find some truth to it.

Let us review the American Revolutionary War. It wasn’t easy, and General Washington actually lost six major battles to the British, and all seemed to be lost. However, he was able to lead his troops to victory against his main antagonist, Lord Charles Cornwallis, who eventually surrendered after losing to Washington and the French military leader, Gilbert du Motier, who was the Marquis de Lafayette, in the Battle of Yorktown. If General Washington gave up after the sixth failures, there would not be United States at all. “Never give up, never surrender” is actually American spirit which has guided American people to overcome many difficult times.

When the second World War broke out in 1939, United State was not strong enough and many American people didn’t like involve in the war. On December 7, 1941, 360 Japanese aircrafts attacked the major U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, taking the Americans completely by surprise and claiming the lives of more than 2,300 soldiers. The attack on Pearl Harbor served to unify American public opinion in favor of entering World War II. Once the U.S. entered the war, nothing would ever be the same again, for good or for bad. Almost 500,000 Americans were killed during the war, but United States didn’t give up or surrender. Though the US only fought for about four years, those four years were a game changer for the country, and the impact of the war is still felt today.

What happened in New York on September 11, 2001 still horrified people’s memories. 19 terrorist hijackers boarded four planes, two of which eventually hit the World Trade Center complex. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon, and the fourth, which was heading towards the U.S. Capital building, crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers of the plane fought the hijackers. Almost 3,000 people were killed within hours. Al-Qaeda, the Islamic terrorist group, took responsibility for the attacks, and the United States immediately began investigating the situation. The search was worldwide, and focused on finding their leader, Osama bin Laden. In 2011, almost a decade after the attacks, Osama bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan by U.S. forces. United States impressed the world “never give up, never surrender” one more time.

CCP released bio-weapon, lab-made corona virus, to the whole world and it attacked United States heavily. There are 34,243,718 American people affected CCP virus and 613,118 American people dead up to this moment. It not only hammers down United States economic but also hurts social relationship deeply. The United States has one of the most dangerous year in decades. According to data collected by the FBI, murders in this country increased by 25% over a year since pandemic. This is an unrestricted warfare started by CCP and it is still going on. Do you think American people are going to surrender or give up to CCP? My answer is “No, never”. Dr. Lawrence Sellin has led an investigation to prove that COVID-19 was a lab-made virus as a part of a CCP military bio-warfare program delivered in early 2019, which was tested in Wuhan Virology Institute. We are at war now and American “never give up, never surrender” till we succeed!


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