[NFSC One-Year Anniversary Ceremony] Mayor Giuliani Sharing His Thorough Understanding of Communism


Author: Sister Karamazov
Picture: Shifter
Proofreader: Cutecutepunk

At around 9 pm EST, Mr. Mayor Rudy Giuliani went to the stage and delivered a very profound and touching speech regarding communism, religion, and the CCP virus. We can tell his deep love for freedom and America from his thorough understanding of communism.

Step One: Identify Your Enemy Correctly

Mayor Giuliani started by comparing the situation the US is in with which of Sept. 11th: “This is a very special place for me. I’ve only come here 4-5 times since Sept. 11th. I don’t like to come here because it brings back too many memories. But I cannot think of a better thing to talk about than the liberation of Chinese people at a place in which our country underwent the worst domestic attack in history by a group of insane people who wanted to conquer us. But they didn’t achieve what they wanted to achieve because America came together. They couldn’t do it. I’m here at a very different time now. I’m here in a very dangerous time in the history of our country. I’m here at a time unlike any I’ve lived through. If you stay at the current course we are on and we don’t substantially interrupt it and then reverse it, the republic, the democracy, and the freedom we’ve enjoyed for so long will not be permanent.”

Mayor Giuliani said, “if you cannot identify your enemy correctly, you can’t defeat them. We have to be able to say the word – Chinese Communist Party! And we have to rid ourselves of the illusions that have been created based on the history which opened up to China.”

Mayor Giuliani on the Gradual Loss of Faith and Religion in American Society

Regarding the CCP virus, Mayor Giuliani wisely connected everything and pointed out the essence of communism – to build a chaotic, godless world, then the dictators would be the new “God” and have all the power. After that, everything is allowed: “The first thing that struck me about pandemic is that it was right around the holy week and the Passover celebration. Both of those were done away with by our government. The first thing that occurred to me is: didn’t somebody read the first amendment (regarding the free exercise of religion)? Well, they didn’t interfere with it, they wiped it out! And here’s what worried me more: our people went along like sheep to the slaughter. Nobody complained or got upset. Liquor stores are open, but not churches?! Critical functions took place, but not the worship of God? That would be news to our founding fathers, by the way, that’s why they put it in the first amendment. Most of them came here because they don’t want to be under the Church of England! They wanted to have their own religion! All of a sudden, it becomes a sort of a secondary right. That’s been going on for a long time – We’ve been taking God out of America. We’ve been taking God out of the public square. The intellectual elites that live on top of the New York Times think anybody who believes in God is stupid. Because they live in an ivory tower, and they don’t see the world we’re in. Well, once we got rid of God, then all of a sudden, we have governors making dictates!

Mayor Giuliani on the Essence of Socialism/Communism/Authoritarianism and BLM

Regarding socialism, and the course of gradual dictatorship that some of the American governors are taking, Mayor Giuliani said, “Socialism always resolves in the dictatorship. It always resolves in a single person ruling. It’s really because everybody else has given up everything and they have to depend on one person. I can see the dictatorial instinct of socialists in some governors in the United States. Just give them a little opportunity as an authority, and they are going to slam down on you! Arresting people with handcuffs for not wearing a mask?! It’s a little like Berlin in the 1930s, huh? Not only are they (governors) dictators, but they are also phony hypocritical dictators. Sounds like the leaders of CCP, doesn’t it? Then all of a sudden, something happened that I never thought I would ever see in my country: EVER EVER EVER! Massive Censorship!”

“But we got to recognize it and understand it (communism). We got to understand that the things I’m telling you about are not disconnected, they are part of a pattern, a pattern that goes back to 150 years. You can read it in Marx, Lenin, Mao, or Saul Alinsky (the American communist). They are all on schedule: get them to hate their country, get them to burn their flags, get them to dishonor their national anthem, get them to hate their founding fathers (e.g. Thomas Jefferson), even to tear down the statue of Abraham Lincoln!! Get them to hate America! Because if you hate America, you’re going to want the ‘wonderful, glorious’ socialism and communism, right? It’s not accidental!! Black Lives Matter doesn’t yell horrible things about this country for fun!! They don’t yell out to kill cops for fun! I lost 48 great cops before Sept.11th. They were shot and killed for making this city safe. I’ve saved more black lives than any mayors in history by reducing murder. 

Mayor Giuliani on Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive

Regarding Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive, Mayor Giuliani thinks that the Biden family is working with the most corrupt people in Ukraine. The Ukrainians wouldn’t give the Bidens $40 million for no reason. And finally China, the Biden family is in a 10-year relationship with them. Mayor Giuliani cannot even count the money that China has given the Biden family. First, they invested in a private equity fund – $1.5 billion, then they have other side deals that amount to $5-8 million, then they do a $10 million a year contract with them.

A Wake-up Call For American People to Face the Reality of Communism Threat

We have to educate the American people as they confront each situation that goes back to a schedule – they want to make this country a socialist country. They want to make this country a godless, communist one. And CCP benefits the most. They probably read the words of Hamilton and Madison, repeated in the 50s of 60s in the Russian communism, and the words were – American cannot be defeated from outside, but they can make us defeat ourselves, and they are doing a d*mn good job at it right now. We’re defeating ourselves because we are not organizing! We’re not making the connections! It took us a year to recognize it was the Chinese Communist Party that spread the CCP virus, it wasn’t some wet markets that don’t sell bats. There’s only one place with bats in Wuhan – in the laboratory!! And it was covered up because the CCP has an unbelievably strong network of Americans who sometimes without knowing or sometimes deliberately and usually for money, work with them and protect them! And some of them are in the high office! Politicians, businesses, and tech companies! We got to stand up to them! We can’t allow our people to be blind any longer. This is the Chinese Communist Party conspiracy to erode and destroy their only real rival in the world – the United States of America and we’re not going to let them do it!

Mayor Giuliani on the New Federal State of China

In the end, Mayor Giuliani said, “The New Federal State of China, what you’re doing here today is exactly what we have to do. We’ve got to stand up to them, we’ve got to speak out, and if they want to censor them, we tell them to go to hell because that’s where they belong! I thank you for what you’re doing. I can’t tell you for my countrymen how valuable this is! Because they are blind to what’s going on, and they have to get sight, and you can help them do it!!”

Great minds think alike. Mayor Giuliani’s view toward communism is exactly the same as that written in <The Road to Serfdom> by Friedrich von Hayek, <Open Society and its Enemies> by Karl Popper, and <Demons> by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Like them, Mayor Giuliani is a profound thinker and a true patriot. We will fight with him together, and we will win the battle against CCP!

(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s own)