No vaccination and vaccine passport: Canadians need to stand up and fight with their tyrannical government


Lucas 2021-09-14

Reportedly, the Ford government of Ontario, Canada is going to enforce its vaccine certificate system on 22nd September, which means Ontarians will be required to verify and demonstrate that they are fully vaccinated to enter into a number of businesses such as indoor restaurant, nightclubs, movie theatres, gyms and concert venues. To avoid confrontation from the public, this system does not apply to essential activities such as grocery shopping, medical and other services. Those businesses and specific individual can result in charges and fines under Ontario’s Reopening Act. The government will authorize provincial offence officers including bylaw officers, police officers, public health inspectors and regulatory officers to enforce the system. Obviously, the government intends to force the unvaccinated to get the first shot even though 84% of the aged 12 and 12+ have received at least one shot of a CCP virus vaccine and 78% fully vaccinated.

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We have learned that none of the vaccines is effective against the CCP virus; instead, they are lethal bio-weapon for depopulation by the dark forces who collude to dominate the world. Fortunately, many of the people who received either one or two shots are beginning to wake up. They recognized that they were fooled by the government and the health authorities. Now many of them are taking a stand and fighting back. Protests have been held across the province and Toronto in recent days and weeks following the government’s announcement on vaccine passports. On this Monday, hundreds rallied outside Toronto General Hospital to oppose proof of vaccination. Toronto frontline workers also protested against the vaccine mandate, having a silent rally outside Queen’s Park.

Once, many people believed they were “fully vaccinated” after two shots. They trusted the government and the experts from the health authorities. They believed things would get “back to normal.” They took the shots, often reluctantly, with these things in mind and now they are quickly finding out that they’ve been lied to. With more and more insiders’ standing out to uncover the truth of the vaccines, many of them are beginning to recognize there is a conspiracy behind the CCP virus and its vaccines. They refused to act as lab rats in the biggest experiment in human history.

The most talented and smartest people are logical and critical thinkers who refuse vaccination. The low quality talent people shut up their mouths and do what the government told to get shot to keep their job. Canadian government under the administration of Justin Trudeau is evil and tyrant, he still advocates and pushes the vaccination, and vaccine pass nation-wide, and ban the use of the effective medicine (such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine) for curing CCP virus. The side-effects and deaths associated with vaccination will emerge in future months. All the awakened people should say no to Justin with their votes as we need a new government for ourselves, so as to take control of our own destiny here and do what needs to protect our families, to preserve our humanity and refuse the tyranny. It is time now for us to fight against these evil elites to take back our freedom and sovereignty, to escape the rule of the tyrannical elites of the government. We should band together to become more powerful to say no to them, and we will not obey to their tyrannical administration.


Ontario’s vaccine certificate system: What to know and what it will look like (

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