North Korea decline 3 million doses of Sinovac


Translated by Newlands

Agence France-Presse reported that UNICEF, which is responsible for the delivery of vaccines, stated that North Korea declined a batch of about 3 million doses of the CCP’s Sinovac and stated that these COVID vaccines should be sent to countries more affected by the epidemic. The North Korean authorities also refused to accept a batch of free AstraZeneca vaccines in July.

For North Korea, which has always relied on relief, the free vaccine should have been a blessing, but the Kim Jong-un regime has repeatedly rejected it. Obviously, North Korea, the evil ally of the CCP, understands the nature of the CCP’s evil and communism better than Western democracies and is well versed in the conspiracy of the SARS virus and vaccines.

Proofread: Wenfei; Posted by Paratrooper