Not mild corona symptoms are tested anymore in Finland

  • Author: JIHO
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

As per THL’s new guidelines, testing for fully vaccinated people is recommended based on a risk assessment by the local communicable disease authority.

According to the Uutissuomalainen, there are already seven hospital districts that have changed their corona testing practices so that not all mild symptomatic but fully vaccinated are testing anymore.

The Pirkanmaa Hospital District was the first to announce its new testing practice at the end of August. Mild symptomatic patients who have been vaccinated twice do not need to be tested unless they are on social and health care personnel or have been exposed to a coronavirus infected.

According to a news Finnish survey, Northern Ostrobothnia, Southwest Finland, Päijät-Häme and Satakunta have made a similar policy. The South Karelia Hospital District will publish instructions on corona testing in its area as soon as possible, Uutissuomalainen says.

In Kanta-Häme, the provincial Pandemic Working Group also said in a press release on Friday that testing of vaccinated people with mild symptoms can be phased out.

NO TESTING, NO CORONA CASES. Is this the way how the vaccines are protecting people “very well” in Finland? Later the media will tell people again and again that how the vaccine is working, and how the unvaccinated is dangerous. Are the mild symptoms people not contagious? Do the mild symptoms people do not need medications? What will this new way of testing help? Of course, it is helping to cover up the real cases in Finland, also to make advertisement for vaccines, and it is helping to praise how the government is dealing well with pandemic.  But it makes people in more dangerous condition.

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Ohio judge orders that COVID-19 patient be treated with ivermectin — which no agency recommends. It is the first official endorsement of the Ivermectin. There is cure for Covid-19 (CCP virus) . My dear friends, do not get into  covid vaccine trap of CCP!

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