Not So Innocent: The Truth Comes Out About Transgender “Naked Man” Charged After He Exposed His Penis to 6 Year-Old Girl at Wi Spa …


After video two months ago (see below) of a woman complaining about a transgender “naked man” parading around women and girls at Wi Spa in Los Angeles went viral, the “naked man” has finally been charged with 5 felony counts of indecent exposure. An arrest warrant has been issued, according to the LA Times for Darren Merager of Riverside County, California

The woman in the viral video was seen confronting employees at the Wi Spa for ALLOWING the naked man to walk into the women’s only section (see video below).

Also, the LAPD has reported the “naked man” who was allowed to parade around women and young girls is a sex offender:

“Merager has been a registered sex offender since 2006, as a result of convictions for indecent exposure in 2002 and 2003.”

The video of a woman in LA upset by a “transgender man” walking around a spa naked in the “women’s section” went viral. The woman in the video lets the Wi Spa worker have it because they did nothing to stop a “transgender man” from walking around naked in front of young girls.

The woman is as direct as can be when she refuses to accept that this person is anything but a man. The best part of the video is when a soy boy walks up and tries to make it ok for the man to expose himself because he identifies as a woman. She wasn’t playing that game.