One country, two systems” poll index lowest in history, Hong Kong people can’t accept “fake election” 


Translated by MOS Christianity group lilian89

Hong Kong thinking tank “Democratic Thought” held a press conference on August 30 to announce the results of a new round of “One Country, Two Systems Index”. The results show that the latest index is 5.6 points, the lowest in history! Among them, the biggest drop in individual items is freedom of speech, with a 7.9% drop in rating to 3.61 marks, a record low since October 2019, and the second biggest drop is independent judicial power, from 4 marks last time to 3.8 marks, a drop of 5%. The survey shows that 60% of the respondents believe that the revision of Hong Kong’s electoral system by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) in March this year has brought a great negative impact on the “one country, two systems commitment”. The CPC’s amendment to the electoral system is intended to deprive Hong Kong people of their right to vote, and such “fake elections” are unacceptable to Hong Kong people. But the fact proves that the wolf has already entered the house, in the face of the Chinese Communist Party’s continuous oppressive rule, Hong Kong people’s resistance has paid a bloody price, tens of thousands of people have been killed, wounded, and “disappeared” in various street movements, and Hong Kong has almost become a landlocked city under the Chinese Communist Party. The “one country, two systems” Hong Kong promised by the Chinese Communist Party to the world has long existed in name only. 


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