[Opinion] The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Surgery


Author: MOS Translation Group – Wenrui

Readers must be very confused by the title and wonder what the CCP has to do with surgery.

Photo Credit: wethepeopleofhk.com

A few years ago, I went to China for my class reunion. Accidently, the time coincided with the annual National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. One of my classmates is a surgeon at a prestigious Beijing hospital. He told me that the CCP ordered all the hospitals not to perform “high-risk surgeries” because “no incidence” was allowed to happen during the national meetings of the CCP leaders. The CCP is just so cruel and inhumane!

100 years ago, on July 1st, a devil called the CCP was born. Since then, the Chinese people have suffered tremendously in human history. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people died under the authoritarian rules of the CCP. As the CCP is “celebrating its birthday”, the whole country is put on the highest alert to prevent “accidents” in order to maintain “harmony and stability.” In Beijing, it is said that flying toy airplanes is strictly forbidden. How sad and laughable it is!

Why is the CCP so fearful? The answer is very simple: the CCP is afraid of the Chinese people and knows its days are numbered!

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