[Opinion] The Hudson River Records History: SEC +CCP = Corruption


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Looking down on Manhattan, New York from the sky, it looks like an ancient Chinese knife-shaped coin. The native Indian ancestors were generous and exchanged the ownership of Manhattan Island to the first Dutch explorers for a small object equivalent to 24 dollars. Such reoccurring incidents are happening in the current wealth myth. Among the first batch of Bitcoin owners, some people exchanged 10,000 Bitcoins for a few pizzas. It seems that huge wealth has originated from inconspicuous items, whether it is the tangible island of Manhattan or the intangible Bitcoin.

Early April in Manhattan, the weather was fickle like the stock market. It has already been spring, but cold, heavy rain still fell on the Hudson River. After the epidemic, the streets were deserted, but in front of 200 Vesey street, American Express Tower, there was a unique, extraordinary scene. It was a group of GTV investors, standing in a row, holding the American flag, pulling up the slogan banner, and shouting, “SEC + CCP = Corruption.”

You might consider Washington D.C. as the “head” of the SEC, Lower Manhattan is its “heart.” Here is a gathering of elites, politics, finance, religion, and ethnic fusion. There are New York City Hall, Broadway, Trinity Church, Wall Street, the original site of the 911 World Trade Center, Chinatown, Little Italy, and the end of the New York subway transportation hub — or the starting point. There is also Pace University next to Wall Street from which I had the honor to receive my MBA. This highly-prized, feng shui-enriched area is the pinnacle of American finance and wealth.

GTV is a legally registered website in the United States, with investors all over the world. They have escaped various blockades and interceptions of the CCP, had their lives threatened, broke through the difficulties and obstacles, and remitted money from the CCP in order to find a safe place to put their life’s hard work. GTV gave them hope and sustenance, and the United States gave them a sense of security. However, the SEC, which has always colluded with the CCP’s interests, is partial to the CCP. To the dismay of several GTV investors, “fake investors,” with ulterior motives, SEC has been contributing to the suppressing of GTV funds from investors in the name of “investigating,” making things very difficult for GTV to gain private equity and to advance on schedule. Investors have suffered huge losses. This is the reason for this group of protesters to stand up, and they are confident in claiming that the SEC and CCP are corrupt together.

More than 30 people braved the pouring rain. Five large publicity vehicles carried huge TVs revealing the truth, and a convoy of six small vehicles marched in Manhattan. This shot is included in Google Maps and is expected to become a scene in Manhattan soon. The passing convoys honked horns, and pedestrians took pictures or watched, and thousands of flyers were distributed. I talked with a policeman who came to patrol the building, the managers of the building, the employees, and the pedestrians about our slogans. Almost everyone agreed with the slogan of GTV investors: the SEC allowed the Chinese Concepts stock to collect the wealth of Americans in the United States and sell the interests of Americans for personal gain, integrating with CCP interests. This is the first time that a group of Chinese-dominated GTV investors was exposed loudly. If 9/11 shocked the American people with the terrorist war, GTV investors’ protests at the SEC’s old site (it is said that the SEC has moved to Wall Street) shocked American finance like a detonating bomb. The CCP and the pseudo-types are also paying attention. The CCP scouts sent in disguise either argued with the protesters that the Chinese people as a whole should not be embarrassed or got close to the car window to take pictures. The pseudo-types spread rumors in the media and besieged GTV investors. Listen up, there can only be one truth, and that is the U.S. SEC and CCP are colluding together.

The Hudson River has heard the cries of the people again. Terrorist attacks cannot defeat the United States, but make it stronger. A monument of history is standing in the hearts of the American people. The virus along with the unrestricted warfare awakened the United States about the CCP’s conspiracies. The ensuing financial turmoil is about to cause the American people to rise up to defend their rights for the truth about SEC corruption. That is the original intention of GTV investors, and it is also their appeal. God will deliver all justice.

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