[Opinion]At This Historical Turning Point, We Can’t Make It Without You


Author: Four Seasons   Contributor: Magnum 44

In a recent interview with Bannon, Archbishop Viganò, the former Vatican ambassador to the United States, revealed that the globalists who were led by the Chinese Communist Party had planned to use pandemics, climate change, and technological advances to achieve the Great Reset and overthrow Christian civilization. The Archbishop urges the world to take down the CCP.

Lude Media talks about the critical juncture we have reached as human beings. He said that the Chinese Communist Party had posed a deadly threat to the world. Chinese people who have a better understanding of the wickedness of the CCP need to stand at the forefront of this war to expose the CCP’s crimes. Its Blue-Gold-Yellow Plan has utterly infiltrated the world’s elites and politicians. Blue in this plan represents cyber spying, gold for bribery, and yellow for a sexual favour. The CCP manufactured biochemical weapons to destroy humanity, and world leaders have so far turned a blind eye to such a reality. As Miles Guo said, the more than 80 million Trump supporters are our friends, while Viganò pointed out a path to all of us, a path that can turn the Great Reset into a Great Awakening.

Behind the chaos of the election in the United States, the fight between Democrats and Republicans, or the choice between Biden and Trump is the ultimate battle between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, the battle of justice versus evil. At this critical juncture, let us think about the warriors on the streets of Hong Kong, who sustained months’ fight for freedom. The Chinese people in Mainland China, however, have been brainwashed by the CCP and largely support the CCP crackdown and takeover of Hong Kong. To CCP’s credit, the 1.4 billion Chinese people have been enslaved, both physically and mentally, for so long that they failed to grasp any historical moment to take down the CCP Enough of the Chinese Communist Party for 70 years! Now is the time for Chinese people to stand up for themselves and establish a new country the New Federal State of China. Every one of us must think about what I can do. CCP cannot be taken down without you. Let us finally say “No” to the brutality of the CCP! Action, Action, Action.

Reviewer: Rica