[Opinion]CCP Celebrates Its Centenary: A Sheer Waste of Energy and Money


Author: MOS Writing Group Casey

Since June, Chinese netizens have begun to post on WeChat, the most influential social media in China, pictures and videos of all kinds of activities celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). These activities came with some many themes: Children’s heart for the CCP, salute to the centennial; young pioneer’s heart for the CCP, the country’s pioneer squad organizations to carry out “June 1” theme activities (June 1 is Children’s Day in China);young generation’s heart for the CCP, to advance a new journey; my heart for the CCP, to serve the people; the common people’s heart for the CCP, to compose a new chapter; the CCP’s lights shines on the border people’s heart to the CCP and so on. It seems that the CCP is pervasive, penetrating the hearts of all ages, all nationalities, and all classes. 

There are also various activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP, such as chorus party, chorus competition, calligraphy exhibition, art, photography, folk art works and various fireworks exhibitions. All of these activities aimed to pay tribute to the CCP for the “great” changes. It’s like all walks of life were blessed by CCP’s “glory”, and without the CCP, the earth would have stopped turning around. 

So for this month, atmosphere in WeChat moments is really lively and the whole country is in red since red represents CCP’s ruling power. Everyone is expressing their loyalty to the CCP, honoring CCP’s 100th birthday. What a scene of prosperity! 

But is this true?

According to Miles Guo, the Whistleblowing Movement initiator, CCP’s economic figures are all fake and actually in a huge mess, and weird phenomena constantly pops up. How long can the CCP last?

CCP has been ruling the country by stealing, cheating, and robbing. However, people who live within the firewall are still being fooled by the CCP to celebrate its 100 years’ anniversary. Extravagant celebrations of CCP’s centenary is a sheer waste of energy and money.

Laozi, the founder of Taoism, once proposed that “everything has its limits, and when it reaches its limits, the trend will inevitably be reversed.” The CCP has forced Chinese people to celebrate its anniversary, creating an atmosphere of peace and prosperity via WeChat. When such extravagance reached its limits, the CCP will definitely be untenable and will come to an abrupt end. 

Editor: James Zoebel Posted by: Rainbow

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