Pacific Island Nations Reject Huawei’s Bid for Submarine Cable Project.


Translated by MOS Finance Group – Xianliaoqianbi

According to Reuters, Micronesia, a Pacific island country that is planning to build a submarine communication cable, has just rejected a bid from the Chinese Communist Party Huahai Communication Technology Co., Ltd., previously named Huawei Marine Network Ltd.

The Federated States of Micronesia has a long-term geopolitical relationship with the United States. According to the “Free Association Agreement” signed decades ago by the two nations, the United States is responsible for the defense of Micronesia. The infrastructure of the submarine cable is one of the most sensitive strategic competitions between China and the USA around the Pacific Ocean. For this reason, the CCP has been working hard to seek opportunities to participate in the construction of related projects in Pacific Island countries. Because of the massive data capacity submarine cable has, the United States worries that companies, like Huawei, which has CCP military affiliation, will use it to conduct espionage which would threaten regional safety. Warned by the United States, Pacific island countries such as Micronesia, Kiribati, and Nauru have turned down the offer from CCP affiliated enterprises and are seeking opportunities from the US and its allies.

Proofread and Posted by Paratrooper