People Who Live by the Sword Die by the Sword


In the January 7 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo condemned the CCP for threatening GTV investors in mainland China and forcing them to file fraudulent reports to the FBI to frame GTV. He believed that the CCP will be punished because people who live by the sword die by the sword.

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Hello, honorable fellow fighters! We’ve got all kinds of information from many fellow fighters these days. Thank you very much! Really appreciate it! The Department of Domestic Security across the country [China] and other security departments have threatened GTV investors with their family, provided them with the FBI tip webpage and phone number, and asked them to report to FBI that they were scammed [by GTV]. They are definitely trying to frame us.


The CCP is all about faking, right? But, CCP, don’t forget that the United States is not the kind of country that will let you off that easy. Do you think that you have won a big victory now? A complete victory? People who live by the sword die by the sword. CCP, your fortune started from corruption and greed, from deception, and from fraud. Ultimately, you will die from the fake and fraud. Do you think it will work by making fraudulent statements to the FBI and bribing a few people?

共产党就造假嘛,是吧?但是,共产党你千万别忘了,美国这个国家不是你造了假就能过得去的。你以为现在现场就是你大赢了?你彻底赢了?仗剑之人必死于剑下,你共产党你这种以黑起家、以贪起家、以假起家、以骗起家,最终会倒在假和骗上。你以为你到 FBI 报假案,你买通几个人你就能行了吗?

Brothers and sisters in arms, I understand the hardship and the threats that you are facing. But this is something that happens unavoidably in the fighting with the CCP. But I appreciate your courage, and I am really touched by your courage towards me, GTV, and all the other fellow fighters. Brothers and sisters in arms, please remember, under the threat of the CCP, everything that you do is understandable. However, it would be ideal if you could let us know, particularly, about things like being forced to make a fraud report to the FBI. Being forced to make a false report to the FBI is a serious international crime. It will be even better if you have recorded voice and video, right?    


Thinking that yesterday President Trump was about to hand over the gun, the CCP has become even more crazy and faked criminal cases like insane. CCP, I am your eighth generation ancestor. You are like dogs that can never change your habit of eating shit, you ba*tards! Let’s wait and see. Don’t be too shameless. I am still saving face for you, but if you don’t want to save your face, then I will screw all of you, you ba*tards – words from Brother Haidong and Sister Ying are now famous. You bastards. But most of those with a conscience have had their guns raised by an inch. For that I really appreciate it! Thank you!    


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