People’s Bank of China Officially Initiates Currency Settlement Cooperation Framework with Bank Indonesia


Translated by: MOS-Laniakea

On Monday, the People’s Bank of China announced that it has officially launched a bilateral currency settlement cooperation framework with Bank Indonesia since Sep 6, 2021.  According to the official media of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), this will facilitate the direct settlement of the yuan and the Indonesian rupee, as well as expand the use of bilateral currencies in the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, thereby promoting the alleged “trade and investment facilitation.”

According to the information from Miles Guo on Sep 3, the CCP intends to facilitate the direct exchange of RMB and its digital currency with other countries. Establishing the Beijing Stock Exchange is to internationalize the CCP’s finances and interests. This step will challenge the US dollar and the financial system. The CCP has already gradually taken steps to implement its wicked goal of “internationalizing” the RMB.

It is noteworthy that by the time the genuine decision-making circles of the Americans realize and start fighting back against the lethal threat to the U.S. dollar and its financial ecosystem posed by the CCP, the CCP will have one foot in the grave.

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中共人民银行与印度尼西亚银行正式启动本币结算合作框架 – GNEWS

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