Ping An Group Is the Trading Platform Between the CCP and the World’s Deep States


Translated by: MOS Education Team – Xu

Since 2018, Mr. Guo Wengui has continually exposed a series of dark stories about the CCP’s national kleptocrats and its white gloves which triggered the strong reactions both inside and outside the party, so the battlefield of taking down the CCP by the CCP was opened in that way. Mr. Guo has repeatedly mentioned the Ping An Group and its CEO, Ma Mingzhe who is the biggest player in the corruption and collusion between the CCP and businessmen. On September 3, Mr. Guo further revealed more secret information about Ping An Group on the GTV live broadcast.

Mr. Guo exposed the news on GTV that Ma Mingzhe has played and mastered the entire Chinese media, politics, and economic markets, and his official relationships are the most ingenious and mysterious. According to Mr. Guo’s report, Ma Mingzhe was the CCP’s first white glove to trade with the top western private equity funds. Carly Fund, Morgan Stanley, BNG, Bridgewater Fund, etc. are all his early partners in insurance, securities, banking, real estate, and other fields. In China, Ma Mingzhe unified the present, past, and future Chinese political power through the LUFAX to achieve the goal of ‘Three eagles with one stone’ politically. At the same time, he played with Xi’s family and borrowed Xi Jinping’s hands to eliminate Ma Yun’s Ant Financial Service and Liu Chuanzhi’s Didi Taxi by the promise of the LUFAX’s 1.2% shares. Ping An Group’s assets have reached 22 trillion so far but none of its assets announced to the public is real.

Mr. Guo also pointed out that although Ping An Group has such a strong background, it cannot escape the fate of being harvested violently under the CCP’s totalitarian meat grinder system. Xi Jinping has already kept an eye on Ping An as a super fat pig and realized that he was being used by Ma Mingzhe. Xi has found that Ma Mingzhe’s relationships with Wang Qishan and Jiang Zeming’s family are far deeper than his fake promise to Xi’s family. At the peak of holding the state’s power, that’s an inevitable result of Ma Mingzhe reaped by Xi Jinping.

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