Ping An Insurance Group is a Transnational Criminal Organization


Miles had some meetings in New Jersey today.

Our Whistleblower Movement fellow warriors, 巴顿将军,翟水台,天津老马 have all received letters from Ma Mingzhe’s lawyers.

  • Miles shouts to Ma in this post: “If you don’t sue us, you are my grandson. And I hope you don’t drop the lawsuits like HNA did.”

Ma Mingze’s Ping An Insurance Group is a transnational criminal organization.

  • Ping An is involved in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) persecution of Hongkongers. 
  • Ping An launders money through HSBC.
  • Ping An’s political “dark money” is stored in various locations around the world, especially in Japan and New Zealand.
  • Ping An pays massive bribes in the U.S., including the military.

Miles used to tell Ma in private that they would see each other again. Now Miles wishes he could see Ma in court.