POLL: Biden At 43% Approval Even With +7 Dem Advantage


Joe Biden scored a 43% approval rating in a new poll – even with a +7 Democrat advantage.

Most Americans do not support Joe Biden, according to a NPR poll that even gave the President a +7 Democrat advantage. “Even far-left NPR has Biden at 43% approval and that was with a +7 Democrat advantage. Biden has a 43% approval overall, and that with a claimed 85% of Democrats still sticking with him (which is peculiar), 64% of Independents disapprove of his job performance and 95% of Republicans disapprove,” reported the Gateway Pundit.

If the poll was not skewed +7 for Democrats, Biden would be in the 30% range, the report indicates.

The massive drop in support for the Biden regime could potentially be, at least in part, due to their recent failures in Afghanistan. As was reported by Fox News, the “new survey is the latest to indicate that the rocky exit from Afghanistan, ending a two-decade U.S. military presence in the war-torn Central Asian country, is taking a toll on the president’s political standing.”

This week, Biden signaled his disapproval with the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the Texas law that bans abortions for women when the fetal baby is older than six weeks, as National File reported.

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked why Biden supports abortion, despite being a member of the Catholic church, which adamantly opposes the murder of the unborn, Psaki parroted left wing talking points, and chastised the male reporter for never having been pregnant. However, Psaki’s seemingly unsatisfactory remarks run contrary to the beliefs of the Democrat voter base, many of whom believe that pregnancy does not singularly occur with women. “Pregnancy and birth have widely been considered something that women do. But in reality, people of all genders get pregnant and give birth to babies around the world.”