Protest against the vaccine passport


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On September 1st, there were many protests in most cities in BC. A local website reported protests in front of the hospital in Kelowna and Kamloops.  I attended one of them. It was a great turnout with maybe over a thousand people participating. People made their own signs in all kinds of colors and shapes. Most passing vehicles honked to show support. They were sometimes honking for a long time. I livestreamed the protest on under Huamao, but I could not talk very much because the protest was too loud. I posted the livestream in case anyone wanted to watch it.

 There were signs such as: “Don’t hate let me decide my fate”;” Strong and Free No medical mandates”; “Yes to scientific debate, No to censorship”; “Love jab freedom Die”; “Why are doctor censored”; “Medical freedom”; “Be brave do something”; “No Vaccine passport”;” We support Canadian frontline Nurses, we deserve True”; no forced injection, etc.

There were also different people handing out papers and cards inscribed with different websites and freedom papers. I checked the websites and was surprised by the number of local people who are waking up. I didn’t realize there were so many. There are more protests and gatherings on the way. Someone told me they would do this every week until fifty thousand is reached. I love to feel the excitement and a so happy to be a part of it. I met a few friends whom I haven’t seen for more than a year. We hugged each other.

There were seniors, kids, and all kinds of people of varying ages participating. Canadians are waking up because they know they are losing their freedom if they do not do anything! People shouted,” Freedom!” while waving Canadian flags. People were happy and polite. Vehicles were stopped at intersections and were asked whether they wanted a hand out or not. People were looking after each other and did not cause any chaos.

That night, I looked at a local website where they had posted some video of the protest. There were also some bystanders angry about the protest being held in front of the hospital, saying it was putting stress on health care workers. Canada is still a great country! Many other countries would not allow anything near to this. I do appreciate the freedom and democracy in Canada, even if we have to fight to keep it. At least we can. In CCP controlled China, we would all be arrested.

Also, I saw some signs about Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. I guess I am not the only one who did not and will not vote for him.

Editor: 文敏 / Shuang

Posted: Shuang