REPORT: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Neglected to Protect Georgians By Allowing Dominion Voting Machines in Elections – He Didn’t Prevent Fraud – He Provided for It


Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is in criminal trouble now after leaking a phone call with the President of the United States.  A recent report highlights that his allowing Dominion voting machines to be used in his state (STILL) doesn’t prevent fraud but allows for vote manipulation and fraud.

Yesterday it was reported that Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State (SoS) Brad Raffensperger is the party to two lawsuits from the President of the United States after leaking information related to their recent call:

President Trump Files Two Lawsuits Against Dirty Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger for Leaking Confidential Litigation Call

But quite frankly, Raffensperger has done much worse.  The Georgia SoS is to ensure secure and accurate elections are to be held in his state and yet he allowed Dominion voting machines to be used in the 2020 Presidential election opening the door to foreign intervention and blatant discrepancies and fraud.

A report from yesterday at CD Media lays out this case about the entire Dominion voting machine systems:

In short, there is no security on the Dominion system at all. Most importantly, you’ll see how the election is being stolen from the inside.

The stories about the election tallies being sent overseas to Germany, Rome, the UK, Canada, and other exotic places to be processed are true. Inside Dominion’s contract is a use of temporary foreign worker’s clause for the GA general election. This is Dominion’s contract with the State of Georgia.

Dominion’s contract authorizes foreigners to be involved in the election counting results:

Dominion hired workers in foreign countries to service the 2020 election. Dominion uses 3 or 4 levels of access keys to operate the Democracy Suite system. Just to be able to work from outside the United States, these foreign nationals working with the ballots need have master tech keys. With the tech keys every part of the system is open and every election file is available and changeable.

The following is from ES&S’ contract with Michigan. ES&S is a close mirror company to Dominion. Both companies offer remote access for election servicing work.

CD Media shares:

With the Georgia run-off election happening on January 5th, you will get angry with the information you’re about to read. Voters in every other state using Dominion/Diebold systems, ES&S, Unisyn, or other electronic voting system during the 2020 election will be angry.

GA SoS Brad Raffensperger posted what is essentially a guide to hack Dominion, ES&S, and Smartmatic voting systems during the summer of 2019, one year ahead of the 2020 elections. This made every aspect of the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite open for business to anyone in the business of skewing elections. Raffensperger gave them a year to prepare with the actual components Dominion uses and perfect the methodologies used to hack the GA election.

This link is to the redacted GA Master Technical Evaluation. Although redacted, the report left every route needed to hack and control each technical component Dominion uses as well as adding an actual vulnerability to get hackers started.

We reported a month ago on the control weaknesses within Dominion’s voting machines which are ripe for fraud:

HUGE: One of Many IT Heroes Uncovers Damning Evidence Regarding Potential for Fraud Within Dominion Voting Machines

We’ve also reported on the only audit since the 2020 election of the Dominion voting machine.  This audit in Michigan proved the Dominion voting machines and software didn’t prevent fraud, they provided for it:

Fully Exposed–The Dominion Plot to Defraud the American Voters and President Trump

The Dominion voting machines should never have been put in place in Georgia or any other state with such blatant control weaknesses and mechanisms for vote manipulation.  They were ripe for fraud, and it now appears that may be the only reason they were used in the first place.

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