Revealing CCP’s Propaganda Manipulation


Author: Blue Bear

Editor: SaRi

In this video, Dai Xu, a colonel in the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Air Force of China and a strategic analyst in the China Energy Fund Committee, cited a book of “The Global Trap: Globalization and the Assault on Democracy and Prosperity”. It documented that the Gorbachev Foundation funded by the US invited more than 500 global leading politicians, global business leaders and scholars attended the 1995 World Forum Conference held at Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Xu continued, “they discussed the idea of globalism and how to lead human into a new century by splitting population into two social classes: 20 per cent of the “elite” population and 80 per cent of the “trash” population. They also suggested two ways to solve the problem of over population. First method is called Brzezinski’s Tittytainment – it is a way to abandon and segregate the useless, impoverished and trash population who should not be allowed to participate any mainstream civilized activities; whereas the top 20 per cent of elites offer economic leftover for the rest who would struggle for survival on a daily basis. The second method is to exterminate those 80 per cent of trash population by “high technology”. The Western elites including former US and UK Presidents and leaders attended this conference. They believed that the trash population and problems of global non-renewable resources could worsen the global population crisis. They must use two weapons, war and plague, to exterminate them.”
(End of Video)

Fast-forward decades later, the conspiracy theory of “The Global Trap” or a “20-to-80- society” is still alive today. When a colonel in the PLA of China concluded that the “Western elites” resolve the global over population by using war and plague as weapons. It is a dangerous accusation to the Western world because this conspiracy theory is an anti-humanity idea itself.
Living in a totalitarian regime, Chinese people are bombarded with non-stop deluge of the CCP’s propaganda. The CCP controls cyber media in order to fool and brainwash people. It is not surprising that the CCP’s propagandists shift blame on US “elites” and Western allies on current global escalating political crisis (War) and astounding burden of COVID-19 pandemic (Plague). However, the CCP deserves much blame for the current global economic downturn as a result of direct impact of COVID-19 pandemic which coronavirus is manufactured as a biological weapon and is originated from China.

The CCP is built upon enforcing its authoritarian power to control people in all aspects of life. In fact, the CCP uses totalitarian policies to divide population into two social classes: the privileged class belongs to few individuals or families with total financial and political
supremacy, whereas the impoverished class belongs to the vast majority of population. This kind of social media propaganda has become a typical manipulation tactic used by the CCP. It is designed to divide and conquer people by brainwashing them to adopt one -sided hostile propaganda and to broadcast its anti-America messages to worldwide audiences.