Russia focused on the Afghan situation by sending more troops for military exercises


Translated by: lilian89 <MOS Christianity Group>

According to a Reuters report from Moscow, Russia has sent about 500 additional Russian soldiers to conduct defense exercises on the Afghan border, in light of the extreme instability in neighboring Afghanistan.

The Russian Defense Minister said that the 500 Russian motorized infantries were from the Russian military bases in Tajikistan. The exercise is the third exercise conducted by the Russian military since the unrest in Afghanistan in August. What’s more, another larger exercise will be organized in September at a Russian airbase in Kyrgyzstan.

Russia has always regarded Central Asia as its traditional “sphere of influence.” Especially Afghanistan, which has become an arena for competing forces due to its unique strategic location. But the failure of Russian troops in Afghanistan in the 80s became one of the indirect causes of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and Russia has been held the grudge about that since then.

Whether the Taliban seizing power would lead to Russia’s re-engagement in the Afghan situation has the world’s attention.

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