[September 4th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)


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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is September 4th. The sun is shining, and the weather is so fabulous today.

Brothers and sisters, we are not going to live broadcast today so that you can watch the “Real People & Real Stories” show. Tomorrow, we will start pushing the stream at 8:30 am, and our live broadcast will begin at 9:00 am.

I will continue to speak of Ping An and Lufax, involving Ping An Insurance, Ping An Finance, Ping An politics, and the real estate industry in China. There is still too much I have not revealed yet.

Even if we make 20 episodes of a broadcast series about Ping An, we cannot tell all its story. The Ping An Group has a decades-long history, and its influence covers nearly every corner of mainland China. Our recent live broadcasts have caused a massive impact.

The most important things are artemisinin, dexamethasone, and ivermectin. Oxytetracycline can sometimes be used as well. These medicines are extremely important. When using the “hydroxychloroquine + zinc” combination, do not forget to use vitamin D together. Everybody should strictly follow the prescription suggested by the “Big-bearded” Doctor Zelenko.

Artemisinin is the best, and it definitely works for those who have been vaccinated with the first shot. Pregnant women and children should always consult their doctors for instructions. Everybody should follow the “big-bearded” doctor’s advice to use the medicine.

Another precaution is not to use two medicines simultaneously, as I have told you. Some fellow fighters mentioned that some doctors’ prescriptions use oxytetracycline together with ivermectin. But I consulted the scientist and other medical professional fellow fighters in China, they do not recommend using two medicines at the same time.

It is better to use only one medicine at a time, and artemisinin should never be used with other drugs. It must be used alone — let me emphasize this again.

Brothers and sisters, this information about the antidote to the virus is so critical. Since the antidote was disclosed, it is my genuine experience that we should be grateful to the God of the Sun and the Gods of All Buddhas. This power must have come from the heavens.

I still get a tremble the moment I think of the past two or three weeks. What a great moment for humankind it would have been if the calls, videos, and messages had been recorded at that time. I still cannot believe it because it was so incredible.

Can you imagine what happened in the last two or three months, from ivermectin, “hydroxychloroquine + zinc,” to the recent disclosures of artemisinin in the last few weeks? Think about it. It is such a big deal. The more I think of it, the more incredible I feel. It could not have happened if it were not for the power of all the Buddhas and Gods. So, I am a bit stunned.

I pinched my thighs when I was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet; I pinched my thighs when I was taking a shower; I pinched my thighs when I was sitting there. The only way to remind me that it is not a dream is to go outside and take a ride.

But that is the truth — we are changing the destiny of all humankind; we are changing the world.

Since the disclosure of ivermectin, artemisinin, and oxytetracycline, in the US, China, Europe, and almost everywhere around the world, righteous and conscious people especially those in the medical community have been shocked. They held conferences immediately and implemented the therapy, resulting in so many people being saved.

Ivermectin is almost 100% effective so far. All patients who have used it are healed. Dexamethasone has side effects. It is a hormone medicine but is nearly 100% effective on the balance of blood oxygen. Ivermectin can save the lives of seriously ill patients. The “hydroxychloroquine + zinc” combination is quite essential for the prevention of the virus.

Nowadays, throughout the US and the world, people are inclined to wear no mask whether they go to a restaurant or anywhere else if they got vaccinated. This will lead to a more severe disaster. Secondly, many people think they are qualified to find a job after getting vaccinated, which will cause another more severe disaster. In addition, taking a second or third dose of the vaccine might lead to a disaster for all.

Remember, there is no “one-size-fits-all” cure in the world. No drug can solve the problem of ignorance and caprice. This is a crucial point. 

We have arranged to store dexamethasone and ivermectin as much as we can. Fellow fighters who need it, please contact your Himalaya Farms or the Himalaya Alliance Committee.

It is impossible for us to send anybody tens or a hundred boxes of medicines. It is illegal to deliver too many drugs. Therefore, we will only help those who are in emergencies. Next, we will distribute more medicines when we have more supplies. This is for sure; we will distribute around the world. 

According to secret instructions, one of our fellow fighters had the medicines distributed to a specific place in Asia. This fellow fighter shipped out nearly 10,000 or more pills in one day. Each package he mailed contained only a dozen or two dozen pills, and even with this very scattered postal service, more than 10,000 pills were distributed. Another fellow fighter in Turkey dispatched nearly 8,000 pills in a day.

We prepared in advance, but we can only help those who are in emergency needs. It is impossible to give anybody medicine as if we are delivering clothes or baskets of vegetables to them. That is not possible. These are all medicines that can save lives.

Regarding Ping An’s Lufax, Ping An Insurance, and Ping An Bank, there are many significant events that I have not yet mentioned. On Ping An Lufax, I only touched upon its issue superficially.

As you can imagine, over the years, when anybody got a loan through their connection with Ma Mingzhe (the chairman of Ping An Insurance), their fate and their family were basically controlled.

The CCP threatened them with law enforcement, controlled them with “dirty evidence,” and controlled them with “loans” and “capital.” Once they got the loan, they had no choice but to follow the CCP’s orders or pay back the loan.

If they can contribute more value or accomplish more, they will get more loans. It is a game of “using new loans to repay the old loans.” It is a powerful trick. To deal with politicians is to make them the largest, second, or third shareholder. For those of lesser importance, use the loan to control them and then squeeze them.

You all failed to see through the conspiracy. When Wen Gui unveils the giant black holes of Ping An Group and Minsheng Bank and then unveils the black holes of Bank of Beijing and Shengjing Bank, you will understand why I first exposed HNA back then.

Why did I mention these associated parties when speaking of HNA? They all rely on genital relations, all of them; they all have monetary relations or political relations. Everything is under the CCP’s control. The people involved may not even know it, but they are all trapped. This is the real rule of the game in China.

That is why these CCP old bastards in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) always act mysteriously. The

first thing they ask for whomever they meet is their loyalty. What is loyalty? Anyone who asks for your commitment to one individual, or one organization must be like a Nazi.

What are the characteristics of the Nazis? The Nazis demanded you to be loyal, secretive, and never tolerated betrayal, demanded your obedience, and everything must be under its control.

This is the same as the CCP’s propaganda of “parents’ kindness cannot match the party’s; everything should belong to the party.” These CCP’s old bastards play with finance in this way; Ma Mingzhe treats his subordinates in this way; Dong Wenbiao is even worse, as well as Hongqi and Lu Zhiqiang. But all the people we mentioned, even the Xi (Xi Jinping) family, are no match for the Zeng (Zeng Qinghong) family — It is the difference between the sun and the moon, no matter how they mess about.

In addition, whether our network was cyber-hacked or due to a technical glitch, everybody should realize that the impact of our live broadcasts over the past few days has shocked the business and political circles across mainland China.

Our disclosure of the antidote has brought down the dominoes of the “no vaccine” movement. Many countries have announced a halt to vaccination, and some neighborhoods in China have lifted the restrictions.

Many fellow fighters in mainland China told me: “Brother-7, since your live broadcasts, nobody cares about the restrictions anymore, we can do whatever we want, and vaccinations are not mandatory now.” Many similar situations occur.

But our fellow fighters should keep wearing masks and taking preventive measures. We will wait and see whether the CCP will release new viruses between October and December of this year. That is critical. We should store more medicines, take precautions, go to public places as little as possible, and plan for the medium to long term.

Nobody is safe until your Brother-7 destroys the CCP; only when the CCP is destroyed can everybody be safe. Taking down the CCP is both a necessity for justice and a goal that we must achieve within a specific time.

Think about it. How awesome is The New Federal State of China (NFSC)? What do you think? Have you noticed how fast the situation changes around the world?

I will not say too much. We will have a good discussion on the live broadcast tomorrow. Time is up, thank you.