Slaves want to go lying flat do nothing, it is their choice!


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Covid19 attacked the global economy. Production and consumption are all chaos. The Chinese government planned for a double cycle would not be enough to help its economy. Soon will be another graduation, there will be 9,000,000 students finishing their school getting in the labor market. It will make the unemployment rate higher, Chinese Prime Minister Keqiang Li will have more headache.

Keqiang Li called for street stall business to help last year’s same time, but Chairman Xi lost face, because he did not like Li said that. Within ten days that idea disappeared. However, Xi called for young people to go to country side to help build county as Mao did in the seventh. It was never achieved. Now Keqiang Li encourages you to start your own business in a national meeting. He said it was 0.2 billion people work flexible jobs. They would not be statistical as unemployed.

So called flexible jobs, means those people work part time here or there. They would not have stable income. They may have food to eat today, they may have nothing to eat tomorrow. They never have anything for retirement when they get older. Where is the benefit of the socialists? Too bad our great chairman Xi did not come up with a better idea.

Fortunately in this awkward time, somehow there is lying flat do nothing activity. Simply calling the young people who born after 90’s or 2000’s do nothing. Do not buy house, do not buy car, do not get married, do not give birth, do not consuming. There are six do not. Maintaining lower survival standards. Refusing to be a slave of the system. Basically doing the opposite of what Jack Ma wants. Jack Ma wants people to work 9am to 9pm and six days a week (996).

Lying flat does nothing become a hot topic on the internet in China. Some people calculated in China that the basic bottom line to survive should be 810 yuan per month. If you live in the city, 800 for rent. 900 for food, transportation for 150, cell phone for 100, plus clothing and social, at least 3050 yuan a month. If you only want to work three months a year, the rest of the year, stay home, do nothing, can survive. This idea attracts 10.6 billion people who do not make more than 1000 yuan per month. Also, it is a protest for the gap between rich and poor. Showing the hopeless attitude of the young people.

After that, Chinese newspapers and the internet started attacking this idea. CCP’s propaganda is calling for people to continue to be slaves.

Writer comments: In fact, doing nothing could help to end the CCP. That need slaves to run the country, to raise the GDP. They never care about people’s hopes or the future.

All they care about their power can continue or not. They only think about today, not tomorrow. If most young people lying flat do nothing, CCP for sure will be scared. Not only about China’s economy, but also about maintaining the stabilization of the country.

Marinating CCP’s power is the only important thing for the Chinese government. I do not believe they care those young people will starve at home or not. This idea was said by Mr. Miles Guo a couple of days ago, will have a lying flat coin.He said. Then right away Chinese propaganda said salves please keep working. Just in their language. How ironic is it? We can also see how fragile the socialist country is. Without slaves they cannot run the country.

However, the CCP does not do anything to take care of the people’s future and the country’s future. I wish all the salves realize CCP’s ending soon, lying flat can definitely help. 

Chinese media label lying-flat as “shameful”, do they really think working 996 is honorable?

How dare they say 996 is a blessing?

Blessing to whom?

Not for normal workers for sure. What?

It must be a blessing for your government’s capitalists, in order to put money into their own family pockets.It was. What when the working class is exploited? That’s all nonsense.What? The harder you exploit us, the more people will lay flat it was. Life is beautiful. However, we are independent and lively human beings with freedom of mind, why do we have to lie flat now?

Think about it is because we are exploited on every aspect, from real estate prices to cost of living, by our parents and by our working supervisors, from marriage to having a family, from medical to social welfare, can you name one aspect where we are not exploited?

Happiness comes from our choice of lifestyle.It was. It’s not because we are leashed by the tightening crowns you put on our heads, you start to chant the tightening spells when we just start to be happy, so you are entertained while we suffer It was. Have you ever considered our feelings?  I am a human being and I deserve to live as a human being. Where there is exploitation, there we shall lie flat down, we should understand the meaning of life thinking about what matters most in our lives. Doing what we were meant to do was. As a human being is not lying flat, that’s what I call standing erect and standing upright.

Lying flat class never regret because we choose to lie flat It was.  If tomorrow the real estate price sky-rockets, I am dissatisfied, thus I lie flat. Even if working 996 shifts is my fate, I will excel in loafing on the job. You say lying flat and we will starve to death, I say we will have sudden death by overworking It was. Today we don’t lie flat fast enough, tomorrow we will be exploited by capitalists as long as we lie flat enough. We shall be lying triumphant till the end.

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