Author : Jin Wang Editor : Isabella


By this inverted lightening

I storm 
Into an abbreviated tomorrow

Where I flood 
Into the dreamscape of today

Eyes raining

Grieved by the dishonorable acts

Of the ones who speak

With cowardice, ignorance and deceit   

Down and inward

I sleep forth into the world 
Of waking

Stunned by the temperament 
Of this mummified mouth

Bowing down to the dragon 
Now hungry for the golden currency

Of endangered lives

Fire nibbles the soles of my feet through 
To my own heart

Witnessing the 

Collapsing of dignity and truth

Thousands clamoring

In dark skies
As they suffer and cry

Marooned in this land

Where evil reaches down 

Raping any sense of faith and hope 
As idle hands go deafly silent

The dragon survives

Its reign thrives 

As its sharp teeth shreds the strings of puppets
Devouring the spineless and weak 

So called men

Mocking the domination once had
Richer in treasures 


More dangerous now than ever before
As freedom is lost 

In disgrace and shame

In the shadows

That rain 

With terror and pain