Suspected Chinese Spy Fei-Fei Li And The Thousand Talents Plan of the CCP


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Few months ago, the  SGT Report published that the Twitter had appointed suspected Chinese spy Fei-Fei Li to the Board of Directors. Li has been involved with the project to weaponize Artificial Intelligence for human-machine combat teaming for the Chinese military in collaboration with Google.

Image: SGT Report

Fei-Fei Li has been widely reported by Chinese media as the Google scientists who led the company’s efforts to build its China AI operations. The company opened an AI research center in Beijing in December 2017. At the launch event of Google’s AI Center in China in December 2017, Chinese media portal Sina reported that Fei-Fei Li told the audience that she started pushing the idea to set up an AI center in China with the CEOs of Google and Google Cloud right after she joined the company in January 2017. Fei-Fei Li was also cited in a December 2017 report by Chinese news portal sohu as saying: “China is like a sleeping giant. When she wakes, she will tremble the world.” She added that China had already awakened in the AI world, the report stated. According to a CNN report, Fei-Fei Li is a U.S. citizen, who immigrated from China with her parents in 1992 when she was 16. She graduated from Princeton University in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in physics, and completed a doctorate at the California Institute of Technology in 2005. She served as the director of Stanford’s AI research lab from 2013 to 2018. Many Chinese media and Chinese regime officials have heaped praise on Fei-Fei Li, touting her as an outstanding talent in the field of AI. She was one of the winners of the 2017–2018 “You Bring Charm to the World Award,” an award sponsored by several Chinese media outlets and presented to Chinese individuals who influence the world’s view of the country. In December 2017, she was reportedly named by the Chinese think tank Center for China and Globalization as among the 50 most successful Chinese who have studied abroad. The recognition was announced at a conference convened by several government agencies. The Chinese regime has sought to use overseas-trained Chinese experts and professionals to expand its influence abroad.

Fei-Fei Li was born in 1976, she grew up in Chengdu (one city of the Sichuan province in the south of China). When she was 12, her father moved to the US; when she was 16, Fei-Fei Li is Sequoia Capital Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. Her research expertise includes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and cognitive neuroscience. In leaked emails obtained by the Intercept, Fei-Fei Li was concerned about the optics of the deal, writing that it may stir up concern over the possibility that the company was weaponizing AI.

On the twitter, it’s published the information about Fei-Fei Li is the granddaughter of Jing- Quan Li. Jing-Quan Li starved to death 10 million people when he was the secretary of Sichuan province (in the south of China) in the early 1960s. There are blood feuds between the people of Sichuan (Laobaixing in Chinese) and Jing-Quan Li. Now Fei-Fei Li the next next generation of the Jing-Quan Li went to the United States to harm the world…

Image: Twitter

It’s obviously see that the people on the twitter knew the Fei-Fei Li very well in my opinion. Also , it’s written on the twitter that Fei-Fei Li’s grandfather was very courageous (probably in a negative way).  In 1960, he announced the abolition of food stamps (one ticket that you can buy foods at that Mao Zedong Period)  in Sichuan, he tried hard to protect the central government (the Chinese Communist Party central is Mao Zedong at that time in Beijing) and transferred 15.7 billion catties of grain in three years, resulting in more than 10 million abnormal deaths in Sichuan. He said: “China is so big,  it’s normal to have starved people in death at any dynasty of China.” He was later labelled as one “capitalist” during the culture revolution of China  and his family was destroyed. Although he has been dead for a long time, the people of Sichuan still hate him very much because of his mistake leading to many death in Sichuan. 

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If you know the Thousand Talents Plan (TTP) was established in 2008 by the Chinese Communist Party Central government to recognize and recruit leading international experts in scientific research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. You would not surprise the twitter suspend the account of the presidente of Donald Trump. And probably you will find the Fei-Fei Li on the list of the TTP.