Taiwan Man Dies 9 Days After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine


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A man in Taichung died at home nine days after receiving his first dose of Pfizer vaccine, Apple News reported on Oct. 12.

The report said the Taichung City Health Bureau said the man, 62, was injected with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine on the 30th of last month and suddenly collapsed at home on October 9, nine days later, and died after being taken to the hospital.

Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare, Deputy Director of Disease Control Chuang Ren-xiang said that the current national statistics, there are three cases of death after Pfizer vaccination. Between October 8 and 11, there were 251 new cases of suspected adverse reactions after vaccination in Taiwan, including 109 cases of non-serious adverse reactions, 13 deaths, and 129 suspected serious adverse reactions.

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Among the 13 deaths, there were 5 cases of AZ, which occurred from the day of vaccination to 87 days after vaccination; 2 cases of Moderna vaccine, which occurred from the day of vaccination to 4 days after vaccination; 4 cases of MVC vaccine, which occurred from day 5 to 43 days after vaccination; and 2 cases of Pfizer, which occurred from 3 days to 5 days after vaccination.

Another media question, a 42-year-old people died in Taipei Hospital, Xinzhuang, previously vaccinated with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine, the family said the people were in good health before death, as to whether to grasp the relevant information or notify adverse reactions, Zhuang Renxiang responded that this to check.

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