Taiwan Military Sets up Simulated Battlefields to Strengthen Capabilities


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According to Liberty Times (Taiwan), in order to strengthen its military combat experience, the Taiwan military forces expect to spend NT1.8 billion (TWD), or about $652 million USD, to build five “battlefield anti-stress halls and dangerous-situation training fields” for the purpose of promoting experiences of real battles through simulation.

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The Taiwanese military’s move was apparently in response to the increasingly pressing threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The battlefield anti-stress halls can be used for military members to experience simulated situations such as poison gas, night combat, and township-type combats, to an extent that the odors of smoke and corpses are even included. For the dangerous-situation or adventure training halls, high-altitude single-plank bridges and wall-climbing facilities are set up in order to strengthen the psychological capability of both officers and soldiers. All these measures are geared to counter the potential military invasion by the CCP at any moment.

Source: https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/politics/paper/1470546

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