Taiwan Urgently Deploys Warplanes in Response to CCP’s Military Activities


Translated by MOS Media Group CloudSky

On Sunday, Taiwan’s Air Force conducted an emergency deployment in response to new military activity by the CCP. Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reported that 19 CCP warplanes, including nuclear bombers, flew into Taiwan’s air zone. Taiwan military immediately dispatched combat aircraft to warn the CCP’s aircraft and deployed missile systems to monitor them.

So far this year, the CCP’s Air Force has made several incursions into Taiwan’s military air defense identification zone, the largest one with 28 aircraft. The CCP is attempting to threaten Taiwan with force and to claim sovereignty over Taiwan’s territory and airspace. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry warned last week that the threat from the CCP is growing and that the CCP’s armed forces could “paralyze” Taiwan’s defenses and fully monitor its deployment as well.

Source: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/taiwan-fighter-jets-china/2021/09/05/id/1035110/

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Posted by: Paratrooper

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