Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense Reports that CCP’s Forces are Capable of Paralyzing Taiwan’s Air Defense System


Translated by: MOS Media Team – CloudSky

On August 31, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense released its 2021 “Report on the Military Power of the Chinese Communist Party”, stating that CCP has made significant progress in its military power to invade Taiwan. Through multi-dimensional reconnaissance on land, sea, air and space, CCP has “a comprehensive grasp of Taiwan’s military dynamics and a comprehensive battlefield management plan” and has “an initial ability to paralyze Taiwan’s air defense, sea control and countermeasure combat systems”. The document shocked the outside world because last year’s report said that CCP still lacked the ability to launch attacks.

In a report to lawmakers, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense explained that CCP could launch “soft and hard electronic attacks.” This means that CCP could unleash electronic weapons to weaken communications across the island as well as from Japan and the Philippines. On top of that, Beijing could combine its Internet army to launch wired and wireless attacks on the global Internet, which would initially paralyze Taiwan’s air defense, maritime command and counterattack system capabilities, posing a significant threat.

The CCP’s viral biological attack on the world has messed up the political, economic, and social aspects of its opponents. The Afghan Taliban, which CCP secretly supports, is quickly occupied over most of the country and weakened the prestige of the world leader while the United States withdrew disorderly from Afghanistan. CCP is putting its opportunity to attack Taiwan into action. The CCP’s army has recently conducted several military exercises around the island of Taiwan,which is just to make final preparations for invading Taiwan.



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