Taliban Embraces the CCP’s “One Belt One Road” Initiative as its Passport To Reach Out to the Global Market


Translation: MOS Translation Team – Rose

On 2 September, Taliban spokesperson Zabiula Mujahid told the Italian newspaper “Republika” in an interview that the Taliban is interested in cooperating and participating in the CCP’s “One Belt One Road” initiative, claiming that the project will serve as its passport to enter the global market. The news has later been confirmed by the CCP’s official media – huanqiu.com on its report concerning the telephone conversation between Wu Jianghao, the CCP’s deputy foreign minister, and Hanafi, the deputy director of the Taliban’s political office in Doha.

Mujahid said that the Taliban is interested in participating in China’s “One Belt, One Road” project because China is willing to invest in Afghanistan and that the Chinese Communist Party is an important partner of the Taliban.

He also added that Afghanistan has an abundance of copper, and with the participation of the Communist Party of China, production can be resumed. He has claimed that the Communist Party of China is the Taliban’s gateway to the global market.

After the U.S. and Western allies withdrew their forces from Afghanistan, the CCP seized the opportunity to intervene in the situation, openly supporting the Taliban terrorist organization.

Given that Afghanistan’s domestic economy is on the verge of collapse, the Taliban are eager to seek international recognition for its legitimacy in Afghanistan. While the United States and the European Union are still on the sidelines, the CCP had publicly shown its support for the Taliban and has taken the opportunity to promote its “One Belt One Road” initiative. The two evil regimes are joining forces and will certainly bring about more threats and challenges to the world. 





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