Texas House Dem Fled State in Private Plane…Absurdly Compares Staying in the TX Legislature To Being “A Hostage”


Texas House Democrat Senfronia Thompson fled the state via private plane and is now absurdly comparing staying in the Texas legislature to being “a hostage.”

Thompson said, “I’m not gonna be a hostage.”

A group of 100 Texas State House Democrats jumped on private planes yesterday to fly to DC to “protest” a voting rights bill. They say they’ll possibly stay for 30 days:

Texas Democrats decided to take a little vacation to DC boarding private jets and staying at a $200 a night DC hotel. Not so fast! Texas Governor Greg Abbott just threatened (video below) to arrest the 100 Democrats when they get home to Texas. The problem is they are willing to stay in DC for 30 days:

During an interview with CNN, Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer said the group of 100 are willing to stay in D.C. for the full 30-day legislative session and risk arrest to break the quorum: “This is the risk that we take to stand up for democracy.”

A photo of the group exiting the $200 a night hotel:

The group hopped on private planes to DC, taking the photo below, complete with a case of Miller Lite beer:

Governor Abbott announced his intentions on Fox News: