The Anti COVID Vaccine and Vaccine Passport Protests are Getting Bigger While the Canadian Federal Election Is Coming


Author: MOS Gourmet Team – Lily

The upcoming Canadian Federal Election Day is September 20. Many large-scale anti-vaccine passport protests have been staged across the whole country.

Canadian current Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent campaign speeches were pure boost and verbal abuse because he tried his best to promote mandatory vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines for everybody. He even cancelled his tour plan due to the safety concerns. The mandatory vaccine passport policy in Canada has raised strong social opposition, and the mainstream media fully support the government’s policy, which completely angered the Canadian people.

According to a report released by PHO last week, Ontario had more than 100 cases of vaccine side effects, all of them are young people. In such a special period, various parties are also taking opportunities to get more votes for the upcoming federal election. The Conservative Party is now leading by a narrow margin. However, Ontario Governor Doug Ford officially launched vaccine passport recently and the Conservative Party leader O’Toole insist on banning guns, the many Conservative Party supporters have changed votes to the People’s Party. On the other hand, the People’s Party of Canada has accumulated a large number of anti-vaccine passports supporters in a short period of time. The PPC leader Maxime Bernier said that the PPC will not change its original intention for vaccine passports, and will not it participate in the Globalism . PPC first thing is to put the Canadians first.

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