The Antidote to the CCP Virus


Neutralizing Anti-Body or NAB is essential to biochemical research, biochemical pharmaceutical, and biochemical weapons technology. What the CCP now have is the D-NAB antidote.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights2021.8.30 CCP Virus Antidote


Most antibodies are binding to antigens, stimulating the white blood cells to process the foreign material in which the antigen resides and eventually destroys them. The difference between neutralizing antibodies and combined antibodies is that the former neutralizes the biochemical effects of antigen. Biochemical, biochemical, remember this word. Biochemically, while the latter binds to it into a sign waiting to be processed, the differences of which can be illustrated by B interferon. Antibodies can simply be combined with B interferon or glatirameracetate without affecting its purpose, or stopped, or neutralize it biochemically in this case neutralizing antibodies. The doctor is Mark R. S. Friedman. Neutralizing Anti-Body abbreviated NAB. It is essential to biochemical research, biochemical pharmaceutical, and biochemical weapons technology. NAB is the fundamental element for means of the development of the coronavirus and vaccines, not to be crossed.

What the Communists now have, and what they have, is the D-NAB antidote. The antidote quickly destroys coronaviruses that are present in the body or on the surface of the body and substance. The Tokyo Olympic athletes, all of whom were quietly treated with the aforementioned D-NAB nanoatomics, so the Chinese Communist Athletes were not able to be infected. The principle now for absolute control is an antidote that can spray, mist, spray, and a is covering agent. This method is applied by a spray or consumed in a liquid form. It is not a muscle injection like a vaccine. It is a consumable antidote. It is important to a reminder that antigen neutral and products are the fundamental basis of the antidote. China now is also in possession of more than five antidotes, all interchangeable, any variation of the coronavirus is a derivative of the original, therefore the antidote should work in any way.

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