The Beijing Stock Exchange accelerates the demise of the CCP


Translated by Gloria

Mr. Guo Wengui had participated in the launch of the China Futures Exchange and personally designed the “Futures Index” project, aiming to enable China to learn from the United States’ democracy, rule of law, and a true market economy as soon as possible. Xi Jinping recently announced the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange, completely exposing his ambitions and will accelerate the demise of the CCP’s totalitarianism.

 “Future Index” is a confidence index in international trade. It is derived from the circulation data of bulk commodities and internal government intelligence. Behind it is the contest of information and intelligence. Its attributes are not evil.  The so-called “Future Index” of the CCP aims to establish a de-dollarization system with the Middle East, Russia, and other countries, trying to challenge the international status of the U.S. dollar. This is the beginning of the CCP’s financial internationalization and dictatorship.

 The CCP’s virus unrestricted war has plunged the world’s economy and social order into extreme depression and turmoil. The Beijing Stock Exchange, planned by Xi’s forces, aims to forcibly internationalize the CCP’s interests in an attempt to do a two-pronged approach to further destroy the Western economic order.

 Throughout Xi’s administration, the “accelerated” Xiong’an New District project was completely aborted.  The control of Lufax, which determines the financial stability of the CCP, is still firmly in the hands of the Jiang family, the Zeng family, and Wang Qishan.  Faced with the crunch of the CCP’s internal rolling-pin economy and the rising calls for attacking Taiwan, Xi Jinping’s current round of financial operations is actually a helpless and powerless struggle.


Posted by Ivy

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