The CCP Kleptocracy Reaches Into People’s Pensions


Translated by: MOS Education Group – Winsun

The Xinhua News Agency of the CCP reported on September 15 that the wealth management subsidiary of the state-owned bank of the Communist Party of China has been approved to develop pension wealth management products. Presently, 11 new public pension fund products have entered the issuance period.  It shows that the CCP has begun to extend its stained hands to the people’s pension funds through several years of deployment.

senior citizens pension: Pension for senior citizens under BPL likely to go  up - The Economic Times
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Public information shows that “multi-channel funds” are already focusing on pension investment funds in the wall. Currently, the companies participating in public pension fund issuance are China Anying, China Industrial Securities Global, Harvest Ankang, TEDA Manulife, etc.  Pension investment is the third pillar of the future economy.  As we all know, it has been two years since the beginning of domestic epidemic that has caused the economy to continue to decline, and the domestic poverty population has continued to expand. Many people have long been unable to pay pension social insurance premiums.  Wang Qishan’s saying that “people eat grass for three years” is no longer groundless. According to the Xinhua News Agency report, it is clearly stated that starting from September 1, 2021, employees need to re-certify their retirement qualifications within one year of retirement, otherwise pension payments will be automatically suspended.  This move means more bureaucracy and corruption, more retaliation and bribery, more unjust cases and petitions, but in the face of the CCP, which is about to perish, the country’s thieves have been desperate.

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