The CCP Virus vaccinated infection caused the mortality rate to be several times of mortality!


Translated by Education Team- Laosan

According to the latest report from the Public Health Service of England, the vaccinated and infected people has 925 /100,000 the mortality rate of unvaccinated people infected CCP virus had only 213 /100,000 the mortality rate.
The data means the mortality rate of vaccinated and infected patients has four times more than those unvaccinated! It shows that the vaccine should be the nemesis of the Covid-19 virus has not only failed to prevent the infection but also greatly increased the infected risk than lead to death More and more data and cases proved the Covid-19 vaccine in the world almost has not any vaccine function but is harmful to the human body without any help. It can be called a shocking fraud in public health.


Edit/Proofread/Posted by Eglise Bell 圣母院钟声

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