The Chinese Communist Party Strengthens Control Over The Cultural Industry


Translated by MOS Gospel Team-lilian89

The Communist Party’s propaganda department requires broadcasters nationwide to promote “revolutionary culture” and instructs broadcasters to avoid promoting “vulgar Internet memes ” and admiration for wealth and celebrities, and to “vigorously promote excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture”. They should “vigorously promote traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture”. At the same time, the CCP has tightened its grip on the Internet industry, even requiring game developers to obtain government approval before releasing games and incorporating nationalism themes to game plots.

Various industries operate under a white-glove model. Instead of going to the state treasury, the high-net-worth income from the cultural industry is taken by a few families of thieves. The CCP takes advantage of society’s hatred of the rich and celebrities. Engage in a cultural movement, knock off some of the people, rob this group of wealth, and then train another group of more subservient cultural people who will eventually rule the people according to the aesthetic standards and cultural lifestyles of communism


Proof-read and Posted by: Paratrooper