The Chinese Communist Party’s Domestic Private Entrepreneurs Are Unstable, and Liu He Continues to Deceive to Maintain Stability


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Deutsche Welle and Reuters news on September 6th, in the context of policy suppression on many technology companies, reported that Vice Premier Liu He emphasized in a speech at the International Digital Economy Expo on Monday that the policy to support the development of the private economy has not changed, and will not change in the future. He is trying to continue to deceive and maintain stability in the corporate world.

The Chinese Communist government has recently taken a series of overtly aggressive rectification and suppression actions against private companies, especially giants in the technology industry. These actions demonstrate that the status of the private economy in China’s development model is facing tremendous changes. The actions caused an uproar in public opinion all the world. Private enterprises have contributed more than 50% of tax revenue, more than 60% of GDP, more than 70% of technological innovation, more than 80% of urban employment, and more than 90% of the number of market entities to the CCP, but they are still harvested arbitrarily at the will of the CCP.

These suppressions of private enterprises, especially the technology giants, actually show that the power struggle among the CCP factions is intensifying. Liu He’s call this time was obviously the spider’s invitation to the fly. It is hoped that the private entrepreneurs under the CCP’s rule can learn the truth from the whistleblower movement, no longer wait to die, stand up for their rights and lives, and show their blood and dignity as human beings; even ordinary people should see the CCP’s vicious and ugly face from the example of how the CCP oppressed Sun Dawu, an entrepreneurs who took care of employees and villagers. We must abandon the illusion of the CCP’s benevolent rule as soon as possible.



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