The Chinese Communist Police Monitored its Nationals Using a So-called “Anti-Fraud Applets” Installed on 200 million Cell Phones


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On September 14, the RFI citing the Financial Times, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police are using a so-called “anti-fraud app” installed on more than 200 million cell phones to identify and interrogate people browsing overseas financial news websites. The app, launched in March by the National Anti-Fraud Center of the Communist Party’s Ministry of Public Security, is said to block suspicious calls and report so-called malware. 

Senior Ministry of Public Security official Jiang Guoli said at a June news conference that the app had issued 23 million alert messages within three months of its launch. The app is recommended by China’s Ministry of Public Security. But many local government agencies in the communist country mandate their employees, students, tenants, document applicants, and parents who enroll their children in school to install it. 

Users must grant 29 permissions to activate the app, which includes real-time monitoring of call logs, text messages, and conversations. Recently, several users have been contacted by police to question them about their overseas connections and whether they regularly visit overseas websites after accessing overseas information providers, including Bloomberg. Yet, the Communist authorities have not clearly indicated how to identify whether an overseas website is a fraud web or not.   

The application has already generated thousands of privacy-related complaints online. Of course, many people know that this is an all-encompassing surveillance application and try to refuse to install or remove installed surveillance programs. 

No matter how hard the CCP tries to maintain stability and use various excuses to strengthen the monitoring of people’s online behavior, it cannot change its fate. The Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo has already shaken the foundation of the CCP’s rule.

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