The DEMOCRACY of the United States was wrecked


Author: 文真真

January 6th, a date destined to be a highlight in the history book. Well, if this history book is written by true historians.
On January 6th, the DEMOCRACY of the United States was wrecked. The reason is beyond the rigged 2020 presidential election, and also more than a mob walking into the capitol building. The reason is that, the US congressmen and women presented a big show full of decorated lies in front of the world. It is to deceit the Americans, the useful idiots in their eyes.
Absolutely like the Communist China! Instead of a single top dog lies in front of the people, an abundant group of politicians takes turns to give speeches loaded with lies in the Congress.
They named the most fraudulent election the most successful one and called anyone who disagree the danger to our democracy. Whether some are real idiots or they act to be, they attributed their withdrew of Electoral College votes objection to the mob, which was just another tool the CCP handed the inveracious group to fool their people.

Being shocked maybe your true feeling as one of the Americans, or as a seat of that legislature office, but it is not unfamiliar to our Chinese deplorables. The CCP is experienced in sending in their disguised protestors to cause violence and throw the blame on the peaceful people. The Hong Kong anti-expedition movement were contaminated with paid gangsters to cause chaos. In Tiananmen Square massacre students were blamed to attack and burn army soldiers. Stories of Fa Lung Kong members were made up so the CCP could legitimate their suppression. Old tricks. Even Hitler sent a few Germany soldier to dress up like Polish to start the war at the border.
The Japanese bomb couldn’t defeat the US Navy; the Russian forces couldn’t sustain on an economy not as strong as the US, the US is near complete failure in the unrestricted war started by the CCP.
The Washington professional politicians had consumed most of their lives acting and making collusion. They couldn’t stay intact from sugar coated weapon and have slowly corroded over 50 years of communism infiltration. They can no longer stand up against the corrosion with a damaged body. There are limited number of legislators that stood up to fight for integrity selflessly.
January 6th broke every true American patriot’s heart. Constitution was thrown into pieces. With every one of the three powers being corrupted, what can still be checked and balanced? Faith of the people to our system was broken.