The disbandment of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy parties continue Democracy is losing its political status in Hong Kong


Translated by: MOS – Freedom166

On 9/5/2021, The Hong Kong Liaison Office immediately starts the dissolution voting procedure right after Hong Kong Alliance refused to comply with the CCP National Security Department by not submitting any information of their members and group activities. The CCP had been retroactive even fully hunt down the individuals and groups who had participated in the “anti-extradition law” and anti-CCP movements. The CCP’s final goal is to completely block the voices of “DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM”.

Last week, Hong Kong pro-democracy party, Civic Passion party chairman Cheng Chung-Tai was banned from future elections and disqualified as a Legislative Council member after Hong Kong authorities’ judgments. The Civic Passion Party sadly announced its disbandment on 9/3/2021. They issued their statement on social media that although with all the supports from all over the place, their political path had ended.

In 2019, Hong Kong had broken out the world-shaking “anti-extradition” movement protests. The pro-democracy parties had gained tremendous popularity and momentum leading them to win in all major elections that year. However, due to all the suppression from the CCP and the enforcement of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, many pro-democracy parties leaders were arrested and convicted, some of them were migrated to other countries to avoid political misjudge. The pro-democracy parties’ political path is slowly turning to a dead end by the CCP. The pro-democracy spiritual leaders, Anson Chan (the former Chief Secretary for Administration) and Martin Lee (the former Democratic Party Chairman) had announced their withdrawal from politics.

Under these conditions, with the most recent disbandment of Civic Passion, parties like Demosisto, Hong Kong Indigenous, Studentlocalism, and Social Democratic Front were all announced their disbandment. According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 15 pro-democracy parties were forced to announce their disbandments within the first year of the enforcement of the Hong Kong National Security Law.


香港泛民政党陆续解散 民主在香港已无政治地位 – GNEWS

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