The Israeli Health Minister Inadvertently Admitted: The Vaccine Passport Was Coercive


Translated by: MOS Media Team – CloudSky

Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz told Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked on Sunday before his weekly cabinet meeting that the vaccine passports are primarily intended to coerce skeptics into getting vaccinated, Zero Hedge reported Sept. 13, citing the Jewish News Syndicate. What he didn’t realize was that the microphone was on in front of him and was being broadcast live to the nation on TV Channel 12.

Horowitz believes that green passes should be used inside shopping malls, but epidemiologically, the requirement for green passes for outdoor dining and swimming pools, for example, should be eliminated. He also acknowledges that the existing vaccine passport system is not being implemented in most venues. In the early days, the Israeli government used the threat of banning unvaccinated people from many public places and many young people were forced to get vaccinated. However, after the introduction of the “green pass” system, it was rarely implemented, and then cancelled at the end of May. Till cases began to rise again, Israel’s vaccine passport system was reintroduced and expanded.

Publicly available data show that the number of infections and death rates from the CCP virus in Israel recently correlated positively with the vaccination rate. Especially since the third dose was administered, the number of deaths from virus infection suddenly soared. If the vaccine is not stopped as soon as possible, it will harm the country and the people and the consequences are unimaginable.

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以色列卫生部长无意间承认疫苗护照是胁迫性的 – GNEWS

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