The Los Angeles, California police filed a lawsuit against a compulsory vaccination order


Translated by: MOS Translation Team- LaoSan

According to a report by the Guardian on September 14, police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department in California filed a lawsuit against the order of compulsory vaccination. The officers claimed that the law violated personal privacy and civil rights. According to the requirements of the Los Angeles government, in addition to approved religious or medical exemptions, other employees in the city must complete the Covid-19 vaccination before October 20. Last weekend, six Los Angeles police officers stated in a federal complaint that police officers used this order and threatened to “dismiss” police officers who refused to be vaccinated.  The mandatory covid-19 vaccination order has not only set off a wave of resistance in the Republican area, but now even the police officers in Los Angeles California, the headquarters of the Democratic Party, have clearly realized that the covid-19policy seriously violates human rights.  They must use legal weapons to defend their rights.

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